September 19, 2011

Ties for Seersucker Suits

Three Great Ties for Seersucker Suits

Although summer is slowly coming to end there will still be plenty more warm and sunny days before we are officially in the Fall season. If you are still looking for a good opportunity to wear your seersucker summer suit then pick one of those warm days and pair your suit with one of the ties featured below. Each tie featured below is available for only $10 to $20. Please click on your favorite necktie below to make a purchase.

blue-pink-striped-tieBlue & Pink Striped Tie
The tie featured on the left is a perfect tie for spring, summer, and early fall. Not only does this tie look great with a seersucker suit but it will also be a perfect match for light tan, beige, and classic navy-blue jackets. For the perfect summer look we suggest you showcase this tie with a classic seersucker suit, dress shirt in white, light blue, or striped light blue & white, as well as chocolate brown dress shoes or dressy brown loafers. For more information, please click on the picture. This tie is available at only $10.

tan-blue-striped-tieElegant Tan & Blue Striped Tie
Looking for slightly less color on your suit and tie look? Then this blue and tan striped tie will be perfect. This tie is made from finest Jacquard woven silk. Have a closer look at the design of this tie: It appears to be simple two-tone stripe from the distance but a closer look shows a thin white line that sits in between the blue and tan stripes. It is a tie that is excellent for the seersucker suit and a classic white cotton or linen dress shirt. It will also be a perfect necktie for suits in tan, beige, and navy. This handmade tie is available at only $20. Please click on the tie for more details.

red-blue-striped-silk-tieRed & Blue Striped Silk Tie
Not afraid of some color on your elegant suit and tie look? Then this striped tie in multiple shades of red, orange, gray, and blue will be perfect. It will instantly draw attention to your outfit without being too distracting and/or overpowering. For the perfect look we suggest you take a simple and classic white or light blue shirt, your seersucker suit, this tie, and brown dress shoes. Still need more color? Then add a light blue pocket square that either matches your dress shirt or the stripe on this tie. Made by hand from pure silk. This tie is available for $20. Please click on the tie fore more information.

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