May 11, 2012

Third Best Dressed Man on TV: Harvey Specter on Suits

#3 Best Dressed Man on TV: Harvey Specter on Suits

harvey-specter-fashion-3-piece-suitsA heavy favorite among members, Harvey Specter was voted third Best Dressed Man on American Television. Obviously, it should stand to reason that a show called Suits is going to be rife with characters that know how to put themselves together in the morning. Indeed, the show’s main character Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht) is the epitome of television fashion, embracing a style that many people simply don’t put the right amount of time or effort into achieving. While it would be easy to profile just about any character on Suits, Specter stands apart for his ability to pull off the look he embraces with the utmost of ease. For those who work in the professional sector, it can be quite helpful to take a few cues from Macht’s character, as this look can easily be translated into the real world. The following are just a few tips to take into consideration if you’re interested in dressing like Harvey Specter, all of which are less difficult to integrate into your own sense of style than you might think.

Bring Back the Three-Piece Bespoke Suit
In today’s day in age, many people opt for the relatively casual two-piece suit. This is understandable, considering the fact that business dress in general has moved in a more casual direction than what was commonly seen in the past. That said, you’ve got to embrace the three-piece bespoke suit if you’re trying to dress like Harvey Specter. Specter most often wears suits that feature pronounced peak lapels, which can add a great deal of masculinity to anyone’s appearance. The waistcoat is perhaps the most important element to focus on, however, as it is what sets the suits Harvey Specter wears apart from this which are worn by other characters on the show. Most frequently, Specter wears a six-button waistcoat, which is the perfect choice for someone who has a slender build. If you plan on taking this route, definitely consider pinstripes, which can take the entire ensemble to another level. Although we applaud this look we caution men new to wearing suits not to dress like this on a Job interview right out of college.

Buy Up Some Geometric Tie
When wearing a three-piece suit, there’s nothing more important than choosing the right tie. Harvey Specter is most often seen wearing blue geometric silk ties, which perfectly compliment the pinstripe three-piece suit that has become a trademark characteristic of his appearance. This style of tie “pops” in ways that many others simply do not, making it the perfect option for people who are looking to turn heads with the way they dress. While it’s safe to say that you can experiment with whatever colors and patterns you like when choosing a tie, start with this specific example and move on from there, as it serves as an excellent springboard and can make practically anyone look attractive. A final tip: Avoid narrow striped ties in combination with pin striped suits. The similarity of the patterns causes dis-connect and an over-busy look.

Accessories: Simple Elegance
Harvey Specter keeps his accessories to a minimum, but the pieces he does choose do make an instant statement of class and sophistication. Subtle gold cufflinks that match the belt buckle, an elegant designer wrist watch, and/or a neatly folded pocket square are Mr Specter’s go-to accessories. Our tip: Add a few of these to your wardrobe. They don’t have to be expensive either.

Dress With Confidence
No matter how nice a suit you decide to throw on in the morning, you’re not going to be able to pull it off unless you walk out the door with confidence. Confidence is key when wearing a three-piece suit, and many people fall short when trying to adopt this style simply because they don’t feel “right” wearing it. The fact is, wearing a suit such as this with confidence will come naturally the more often you put yourself in that position. For best results, strive to dress in a three-piece suit at least once per week, which will help you to achieve a new level of confidence.

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