January 28, 2013

The Five Best Dressed Men at the 2013 Golden Globes

The Best Dressed Actors at The Golden Globes


The Golden Globes is a captivating evening that celebrates the top tier excellence in Film and Television. All the celebrities hit the red carpet with hopes and dreams of taking home the The Golden Globe Statuette. It is also an opportunity for the stars to show off their savvy sense of fashion. As admirers of film and fashion, we couldn’t help but notice that some actors looked phenomenal whereas others looked dreadful. We’ve compiled a list of the five best dressed actors in no particular order for the 2013 Golden Globe Awards. Enjoy!

Ansari_in_BlackTie Aziz Ansari is American’s funny man. He made a point to redefine himself as both funny and fashionable with his Dior Homme peak dinner suit and the perfectly sized self tie bow tie.

Lewis_in_BlackTie Damian Lewis looked classically cool in his uber handsome Burberry designed getup. From head to toe, Lewis looked like a million bucks and inspired us to search out a Burberry suit of our own.

Craig_in_BlackTieDaniel Craig shook up the red carpet with this dual toned midnight blue and black dinner jacket and black sunglasses. He had a special sense of swagger that made him look like the most confident man in the 20th Century Fox studios.

Redmayne_in_BlackTieEddie Redmayne was an unexpected and pleasant surprise in terms of menswear fashion. His stunning ensemble was daring and the risk certainly paid off. We expect to see a lot more men in velvet dinner jackets.

Jackman_in_BlackTieHugh Jackman never ceases to amaze us on the runway. The Louis Vuitton Dinner Jacket and the Harry Winston accessories shined with world class style. Take a look at how you can achieve a similar look without spending millions.

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