June 4, 2012

The 5 Best Dressed MLB Players – Fashion in Major League Baseball

The Five Best-Dressed Players in Major League Baseball of 2012

best-dressed-men-in-baseballNot everyone would put fashion and baseball into the same drawer. In fact when it comes to well dressed athletes, typically basketball players are named first. MLB players on the other hand, are usually not associated with stylish wardrobes and trendy outfits. Curious about fashion in sports, we at Cheap-Neckties took a closer look at the of-the-field style choices of MLB players. We were surprised to find that lots of them actually know a thing or two about dressing well. After looking through hundreds of pictures, videos, and news articles we award the following five players as the best dressed men in Baseball.

Top 5 Best Dressed MLB Players of 2012:
1. Dodgers’ Matt Kemp
2. Tampa Bay Rays’ Evan Longoria
3. Mets Third Baseman David Wright
4. Yankees’ Derek Jeter
5. NY Yankee’s Alex Rodriguez

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