July 30, 2009

Semi-Formal Attire for Men

Understanding Dress Codes: Semi-Formal Attire

If you recently received an invitation that is calling for “Semi Formal” dress and you should know what outfit is best suited for the occasion. As the name suggests, semi-formal is less formal than white or black tie events, but more dressy to be considered casual.

Suit, Blazer or Sports Coat
A jacket is definitely required, and although the classic suit is the most popular choice for semi-formal dress, blazers and sports coats can be a great alternative. While the darker colored suit, such as navy blue or charcoal, will be your best choice for the evening, lighter colored suits, as well as blazers and sports coats are excellent choices for day-time events and festivities in warmer weather.

The Right Bottoms
If you are planning on wearing a suit, then wear the matching trousers. If the blazer or sports coat is chosen, then it is acceptable to vary the pants’ fabric and color from the jacket. Regardless of what option you go with, never wear denims, shorts, or pants that are to tightly tailored. Make sure that your pants a neatly pressed as well as wrinkle and odor-free.

Choices in Shirt, Tie, and Accessories
Your shirt should have a collar, be button-up all the way, and have long sleeves. Since ties are typically worn for semi-formal events, make sure that the shirt fits right at the collar – so that, when buttoned all the way, you can slide two fingers between shit collar and your neck. Choose neckties over bow ties – which are too dressy and better combined with a tuxedo worn at black tie events. Adding a neatly folded pocket square as well as a set of cufflinks is a perfect way to add some personal character to your outfit – after all, the little detail will add a classy and sophisticated look.

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