Replicating Your Existing Custom Ties

custom catholic school logo necktie

While most of our custom tie requests are brand new designs that our team creates to match our clients specifications, occasionally we get asked to replicate an already existing tie. This was the case when a Catholic High School in Washington DC contacted us to replicate their existing school ties. Their old supplier was unable to meet a deadline as well as had raised prices to a point where the customer was looking for alternative options. We were happy to help out.

As the first step to ensure our custom ties match their current tie exactly, we asked out customer to send us one of their ties (see photo below)

replica custom neckties

Once we received the tie we our designers took a closer look at the fabric weave, fabric type, Pantone colors, and dimensions. Using this information we created the following spec sheet that we keep on file in case the customer has a future need for more ties:

custom necktie spec sheet

This spec sheet was sent over to manufacturing along with the actual tie as a reference. 27 days after production had started the actual ties were completed and sent to our customer. Below is an image of the tie we made:

custom logo necktie embroidered

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