Formal Neckties

Most Popular Formal Neckties

Are you looking for a classic black necktie to wear for a formal invitation? Every man will need a black tie in their wardrobe. But why spend much money on a tie you will only wear once or twice a year? At cheap-neckties we carry a large selection of black neckties in stock. Buy black neckties.

The top 3 most popular black neckties

To buy any of the black ties above, simply click on the image of the tie, add the tie to the shopping cart, and continue with checkout. We ship out daily and you will receive your new black tie within 3-4 business days.

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Wholesale Prices on Neckties and Bow Ties

Wholesale Neckties and Bow Ties

Do you need a large quantity of ties for a special occasion, company event, or club gathering? Are you looking for Neckties to outfit your employees with a new uniform? Before you place your order, you might want to learn more about our wholesale pricing on Neckties and Bow Ties. As a general rule, the larger the order of neckties you purchase, the larger the discounts will be. This way you can get fine, high quality neckties as low as $3.80! Only cheap-neckties will be able to offer such great wholesale pricing on neckties and bow ties.

For more than 50 neckties, the typical price break will be about 10% off from our already low prices. At cheap-neckties we offer high quality products that get inspected before we ship them to you. Should you not be 100% satisfied, simply send the ties back to us , and we will refund your purchase.

Cheap Extra Long Ties in Stock

Save on Extra Long Ties

We recently added a large selection of solid color extra long ties. Normal length neckties typically measure right around 58″ in length, and even though they are the right fit for the majority of men, a need for extra long ties exists.

Extra long ties are 3-4 inches longer in length and will fit even the tallest man. Not only tall people need extra long ties. The determining factor weather or not you will need extra long ties is the combination between collar size and your height. In addition the preferred necktie knot is a factor as well. Larger tie knots such as the popular Full Windsor Knot need more of the tie’s length. If you are tall and prefer larger tie knots, then you will need to wear one of our XL neckties. Even though special in size, and stocked in smaller quantities, offers the lowest prices on XL ties on the internet. Where else can you find a special sized tie in this quality for less than $10? Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Match a Pocket Square to Your Bow Tie

Tips to Match a Pocket Square

At Cheap Neckties we really made it easy for you to find the exact matching pocket squares for your bow ties. All our products have unique product numbers that are used to specify the exact color and pattern of the fabric. Simply look at the the product ID of the bow tie you like, add it to your shopping cart, and then go into our pocket square selection to find the matching color. If you are uncertain weather it is an exact match simply look at the pocket squares product ID. For example: The bow tie (JA24) will be an exact match to the pocket square (JA24T). It is this simple to find a matching bow tie and pocket square on our site.

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