Our Top 10 Most Popular Solid Color Ties

What Are the Most Popular Necktie Colors in 2012? – Here Are Our Top10 Best Selling Solid Color Ties

Interesting in what tie colors have been most popular so far in 2012? We at Cheap-Neckties asked ourselves this question and looked back at our sales statistics from the past 9 months. Because the design on a tie does have a strong influence over its popularity, we only looked at our solid color ties. Here is a list of our Top10 most popular solid color ties so far this year.

solid-light-blue-necktie#1: Light Blue
We were a bit surprised to find this solid light blue tie taking up the #1 spot for the most popular solid color tie sold so far this year. Although, without doubt, a good looking tie that is perfect for the sunny days, we were surprised to find this light blue tie ahead of the classic black, navy, red, and white. Like most of our solid colored ties, this one is available also as matching pocket square, as well as kids and XL length.

solid-silver-tie#2: Silver
Already one of our best selling ties in 2011, this solid silver tie is a timeless classic. A simply elegant accessory that looks nice in any season and with any suit. Click the image to get some more tips on matching ties tie, as well as to find links to the matching pocket square, clip-on tie, women’s scarf, as well as XL length tie.

solid-turquoise-blue-tie#3: Teal
Another surprise on our TOP10 list is this dark teal colored tie. It is a new color by designer PUCCINI that has quickly become one of our customers’ favorite. It looks best when paired with gray suits in the months from late summer to early winter.

solid-cerise-pink-tie#4: Bright Fuchsia
Without doubt the brightest and loudst tie on our TOP10 list is this fuchsia pink tie by PUCCINI. It is especially popular as a groomsmen accessory that matches exceptionally well with many brightly fuchsia or magenta colored bridesmaids dressed.

solid-black-necktie#5: Classic Black
That the black tie made our Top 10 list should come to no surprise to anyone. It is simple, elegant, and timeless. It is the tie on this list that any man must have in his wardrobe. This tie also comes in XL length, kids size, pocket square, and women’s scarf.

solid-white-necktie#6: Classic White
Another classic color finds itself on our Top 10 most popular solid color tie list. This classic white tie pairs well with most shirts and suit and can be worn in any season. It is also the perfect trendy accessory for your solid black dress shirts. Click the image to find out more.

solid-champagne-tie#7: Champagne
This classic wedding tie has dressed thousands of groomsmen this year alone. Because it is such a popular accessory for weddings, we offer it in all sizes: in kids length for your ring bearer, in XL size for the taller men in the wedding party, and as a matching pocket square for the extra dash of elegance.

solid-bright-cyan-blue-tie#8: Bright Cyan
Anther ultra bright tie that was already awarded our “Best Selling Tie for Summer 2012”, makes our Top 10 list. While the bright blue color may not suit every man’s taste, it is one popular accessories for wedding parties looking for a matching tie in Davids Bridal’s popular Malibu Blue hue. This tie also comes in all sizes as well as the matching pocket square.

solid-bright-orange-tie#9: Coral Orange
This bright coral-orange tie was one of our best selling neckties during the spring wedding season. Bright in color, yet not overly flashy, this accessory can be worn for work as much as leisure. It looks best when paired with summer suits in navy, beige, and light gray.

solid-persimmon-orange-necktie#10: Persimmon Orange
Taking the 10th spot on our list is this elegant persimmon orange necktie. Perfect for late summer and fall, this tie adds excellent color to any suit. It looks the absolute best when paired with a navy pin-striped suit, white shirt, and golden tie clip. This tie is also available as matching pocket square.

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  1. Just out of curiosity. What happened to the color red used in neckties in the past? What happened here? What happened to RED!

  2. Hi Michael – Thanks for your note! The items chosen to be featured in this blog were just some of our most popular ties at a given moment. The red tie is definitely still one of the most popular colors for neckties.


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