November 15, 2008

Matching Neckties With Plaid Suit

How to Match a Plaid Suit

The plaid looking is coming back in style. What was once considered an old grandpa’s look is now regaining much popularity among younger, fashion-forward thinking men. The suit has a slightly vintage look, but if worn correctly makes a very fashionable appearance. Below is all the basic you need to know about plaid suits, how to wear them, and how to combine shirts and ties to them.

Different Types of Plaid:

  1. Window Pane Plaid: This type of fabric has horizontal and vertical lines that creates boxes – hence the name “window pane plaid”. It is advisable to wear a window pane suit that has not too much contrast between the colors. A black with white lines would appear a little restless. Instead choose a charcoal grau with off-white, or brown with beige.
  2. The Glen Plaid: This fabric is a tight twill with broken checks. IT looks a little like a “hound’s-tooth – check” fabric. Again, stay away from a fabric that has too much of a color contrast between light and dark.
  3. Prince of Whales Plaid: This type of fabric combines both the Window Pane, and the Glen Plaid.

How to Wear the Plaid Suit:
To avoid looking like you are wearing grandpa’s suit, the modern plaid suit is slightly more fitted at the waist. This is key in avoiding an “old-man’s look”. The tailored suit is typically found in modern Italian suit. A tailored plaid suit combined both: Tradition and modern fashion.

Neckties for Plaid Suits:
The plaid suit goes exceptionally well with British neckties and classic striped ties. Classic colors such as burgundy, navy, olive green, and sandstone yellow are great choices. In addition to striped ties, modern Paisley design neckties are also great choices. Stay away from ties that are too shiny as it will not go with the dull shine of plaid. Patterned bow ties are also an excellent choice. If you are looking to add even more style then also add a pocket square to the breast pocket of your jacket.

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