Make Menswear Pop With Purple

Purple Is a Punchy Color For Menswear Accessorizing

The Color Purple

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Menswear Accessorizing can sometimes feel limiting.  We have our everyday basics like the power red tie, the quintessential striped tie, the regimental tie  but sometimes we want to switch it up. And there, lies the state of menswear perplexity.  How do we mix it up without looking foolish?  The answer is easier than you think it is.  All it takes is a new and unexpected color to shake up your basics.  The color purple is surprisingly a phenomenal accent color for menswear suiting.  Purple comes in a range of hues from soft lilacs to moody violets and pairs tremendously well with classic whites, proper navys and tonal grays.  Here are some of our most promising purple accessories.

This elegant lavender striped necktie is one of the biggest asset accessories you can add to your accessory arsenal. The tonal shades of purple hues work extremely well each season of the year and add a sophisticated dose of color to your suit wear without overpowering anything.  This tie also comes alive when complimented with a rounded tip tie bar.

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Check out the incredible pop of purple when paired with a brown and grey tweeds!  The simple addition of the purple bow tie makes this ensemble radiate with style and color.  Simply take a monochromatic look and amplify it with an accent of purple whether it be a purple tie, a lilac bow tie or a patterned purple pocket square.

There’s a retro appeal about accessorizing with skinny knit ties especially when you incorporate rich colors like purple. This skinny purple tie looks sensational teamed up with a striped button up and a dark charcoal gray suit.

Purple is a punchy color that belongs in your wardrobe, so be sure to incorporate some way.

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