February 9, 2009

How to Wear Light Colored Suits

DO’s and DONT’s of Tan Colored Suits

Although the traditional business suits is gray, charcoal, or navy, there are some other suit colors that are very acceptable in business. The light brown, beige, or tan colored suit is one of them. If worn correctly it can be an excellent outfit choice. Before you go out an buy such a suit, there are s few things you should know. This article will teach you to DOs and DON’Ts of wearing light brown suits to the office.

When is it Acceptable to Wear
Light brown and tan suits are meant for good weather in the spring and summer. Wearing a light tan suit on a rainy winter day is a major fashion faux pas. A good rule of thumb is to wait until it is warm enough to leave your overcoat at come. In warm weather light colored suits are not just quite fashionable, but also more comfortable to wear.

How to Match
Light brown, beige and tan suits should be worn with brown belt and matching brown shoes. Black shoes and belt look out of place! Great dress shirt colors are light blues, light pink, and classic white. Darker dress shirts such as maroon, gray, and navy blue are better suited for “Winter Suits”. The type of necktie you wear should also be more of the “summer tie”. Orange ties, coral red, and light blue ties are an excellent choice.

The Right Fabric
Unless you want to look like “Panama Jack” linen is a fabric to avoid. Besides looking non-business like, linen suits are very care intensive. They wrinkle easily and take a longer time to iron. Also to avoid are heavier wool or twill fabrics. Best are lighter and thinner wool fabrics. It will drape much nicer and will also be much more comfortable to wear in warm weather.

Accessorize With Gold & Brown
Other accessories besides your shoes and belt should harmonize with the tan-brownish color. A brown briefcase that closely matches your shoe color is in place. (Here are some helpful tips on how to match your briefcase).

If you like to wear cufflinks, then gold is better suited than silver. Gold and brown are excellent color combination. If you like to shoe more color on the cufflinks then make sure the cufflinks match either your dress shirt or some color found on your necktie.

Time of the Day
Once the sun has set, it is time to switch to darker suits. Light brown, tan, and beige suits are better suited for the daytime in warm weather.

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