August 5, 2009

How to Best Wear White Clothes

Tips on How Men Can ‘Pull Off’ Wearing White Clothes

Black is known as one of the most universal colors in men’s fashion, and every guy wears something noir at least once a day. Yet white, which should be just as versatile as black, is much less frequently worn. Too few guys nowadays can appreciate the stylish aspects of white and the kind of statement the color can make. Here’s how you can bring blanc back to your own style so you can show all those other guys how it’s done.

Tees and Shirts
When it comes to white t-shirts and shirts, there’s no such thing as too many. A white shirt can be used for just about any look you could think of, and it can be easily paired with formal fashion or casual pieces. You’re probably still familiar with the versatility of the white shirt, particularly with work attire, so it’s time you rediscovered white tees.

A plain, solid white tee can be just as stylish as anything else in your closet. Pair it with very dark denims or khaki pants and you’ve got an outfit that’s relaxed yet ready to get dressed up at a moment’s notice. Remember to get a tee with a high enough thread count so that your torso isn’t visible from too far away. Whether you choose a round neck or a V-neck is personal preference. Before choosing one of the two styles check how it looks on you in the mirror. V-neck’s can be a little tricky if you are overweight or if you are very fair skinned.

Wearing white pants takes some practice and a good sense of color. The first thing to note is that white pants are only to be worn in spring and summer. Also, consider your body type. While black has a “slimming” effect on your waistline, white can do the opposite. So, if you are of a heavier built type, avoid wearing white pants until you have lost a few pounds. The key to turning white pants into a fashion-friendly look is contrast – you have to add color since your pants aren’t doing that for you as usual.

A pair of white pants or jeans, therefore, would look good when worn with a contrasting shirt. Great are polo shirts in light pastel colors like pink and sky blue. The contrast will keep your outfit interesting and set you up for a preppy look, which you can finish off with light colored loafers or white boating shoes.

Men’s fashion and style are all about keeping outfits interesting, and that’s exactly what the right accessories can do for you. White on accessories can be used on watches, white wrist-bands, and even neckties. When wearing a white tie, match it with a darker colored dress shirt to create a contrast. White neckties, especially skinny ones, are excellent for creating a casual/trendy look consisting of a black dress shirt, washed jeans, and designer belt.

Besides neckties, you could also try white shoes. When worn with darker items – a pair of dark-wash jeans, for example – they’ll provide a great contrast that should make your outfit truly eye-catching. Leather isn’t your only option, either. While you want to avoid wearing your running or gym shoes, some light-weight linen sneakers on the other hand are an excellent choice.

Putting together a cohesive outfit is probably the hardest thing with white. Since it’s such a neutral color, you’ll have to limit your color choices for all your other pieces to really make the white stand out and get noticed. Monochromatic outfits are thus a very effective way to wear your white pieces without getting too much trouble from color combinations. If you really want to use color, keep yourself to just one other (preferably simple) color aside from black and white.

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