History of the Zipper

Fashion Trivia – The History of the Zipper

It is amazing how many useful inventions are sometimes taken for granted – even though they add so much convenience to our daily life. One of such inventions is the Zipper fastener. Whether it be on your jacket, the fly on your pants, a suitcase, or your briefcase, zippers are used day in and day out. It is sometimes a little unthinkable what people had used previously to open and close these things.

A zipper is made up of three parts: Two sides of zipper tape, and the zipper fastener. The hooks on the edges of the zipper tape interlock with the use of the fastener. Although the concept is quite simple, the modern zipper as we know it today did not come into place until the 1890s. It was eventually perfected i 1914 by Gideon Sunback when he invented the “Hookless Fastener No.2” – a design that is nearly identical to the one used today.

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