Custom Green and Gold Striped Logo Neckties

custom green and gold striped logo ties

One of our most common custom request is from high school sports teams looking to create a tie in their high school colors with their mascot. Most popular is a classic striped design in the school’s colors with a single logo embroidered at the tip of the tie. One of such jobs we made was for a high school in Georgia. The customer was looking to create a forest green and gold striped tie with their Panther logo at the bottom. The customer actually liked design #4 from our custom tie design templates the most. Since the customer was set on design, we created the following spec sheet:

custom green and gold logo necktie designs

Our customer liked deisgn # the most. After rechecking color codes to make sure we create the exact shade of green and gold that matches the school’s colors, we went into production. 40 Days later the ties arrived at the customer. Below is another photo of the final tie:

custom striped high school tie in green and gold

Looking to have custom ties made for your school or team? Then contact us today and we would gladly assist with free designs.

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