September 14, 2012

Gangnam Style Explodes in the States

Gangnam Style Goes Gangbusters!

Everyone and we mean everyone is bouncing to the beats of Gangnam Style. The viral sensation has 167 million hits on YouTube and is officially the most viewed K-Pop (Korean Pop) video of all time with Brittany Spears doing it and Justin Bieber tweeting it. Gangnam Style is going gangbusters!

The novelty song is written and performed by a cheeky South Korean rapper named Psy and was inspired by a horse. Psy’s tag line is “Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy” and his advice for doing the Gangnam shuffle is “bounce like you’re riding an “invisible horse.” The beat, the dance and the style are hypnotically addictive. Within the last few minutes, the YouTube hits have jumped to 180 million clearing the way for a plethora of parody versions and memes.

Gangnam is a swanky enclave in the South Korean capital of Seoul which is notorious for its posh tendencies. The satirical video pulls no punches when making fun of Gangnam’s overconsumption of glitz and glamour.

Prepare yourself: Psy is about to become a household name and your Mom is about to ask, “Dear, What’s K-pop?” Black bow ties are about to be back ordered, tortoise shell sunglasses will be all the rage and people will be galloping to work on their invisible horses. Whether it’s a day dream come true or a nightmare in the making, Gangnam Style is in fact a viral sensation that is here to stay – until the next viral sensation.

Create your Gangnam Style by emulating Psy’s look and following his rule of dressing classy. These are the key components to Gangnam Approved Style.

  1. Always wear a two toned peak lapel tuxedo, preferably light blue and black.
  2. Pair tuxedos with tennis shoes.
  3. Accessorize with self tie bow ties in black. In Gangnam Style, they look just as stylish tied as they do untied.
  4. Wear round shaped tortoise sunglasses at all times.
  5. When you go colorful, commit to bright colors. Don’t shy away from a yellow suit and yellow track shoes.

Your Cheap Neckties Team

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