Custom School Ties with Logo

custom school uniform boys ties

Recently we were contacted by the American Preparatory Academy to design some custom school uniform ties for their students. Since the ties had to fit a wide range of student heights, we created the same tie in several different lengths and coordinating widths. Once we clarified the preferred color palette and logo detail that needed to be added on the ties, we created this first set of design suggestions:

Custom school uniform logo neckties

The customer liked design #3 but then also wanted to see a simpler design in a two-tone palette with just the star logo. The customer wanted a golden-tan tie with navy starts as an all-over pattern. Once we finalized these two designs, we created the following samples before starting the bulk production:

Once the customer signed off on the physical samples, we went into bulk production. All ties arrived at the customer just 35 days later. Looking to get custom ties made for your school, company, for a special event, or perhaps fundraiser? Then contact us and we would be happy to help with the design at no charge.


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