Custom Printed Clip-On Ties with Maryland Flag

custom clip on ties with Maryland flag

Looking to create your own custom ties? Then no matter the pattern, colors, and detail, we can help. Each day we create custom ties for uniform apparel, for special events, for trade shows, and private label. While most of our custom ties consist of basic patterns in customer colors and their logo, occasionally we get very unique design request. This was the case when we were contacted to create a tie with the Maryland flag as a design inspiration. The customer wanted to see a large scale print of the Maryland flag as an all-over design. Additionally, our customer wanted the ties to be pre-tied clip-on ties. All this was not a problem. After creating a couple rounds of design suggestions, our client eventually found a design they liked most. Below are some detailed photos of these ties showing the pre-tied knot as well as the hidden clip that was sown into the tie:

Looking to get custom clip-on ties made? Then contact us. We can help with regular self-tied neckties and bow ties as well as pre-tied options.

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