Custom Logo Golf Club Ties

Logo Embroidered Striped Club Tie
While most of our custom tie designs are the creation by our own in-house design team, occasionally we are contacted by a customer to re-make an existing tie. This was the case when the Southern CA based Golf College contacted us to recreate their existing club striped necktie. To ensure that colors and design details match exactly, we asked out customer to send us one of their existing ties.

Our fabric designers took apart this tie, matched all the yarns to our yarn books, and then recreated this custom woven necktie to be an exact match. Once production started, the ties were finished and sent to our customer in just 29 days. Below is another photo of the tie as well as the custom tag that the client wanted on the backside of the tie showing their website and phone number:

custom striped tie in burgundy and gold

The fabric was woven using a modern Jacquard loom and features a club-tiue typical repp texture. Below is another detailed photo of the woven fabric and the embroidered logo:

detailed woven fabric of custom logo tie
Our customer wanted their website as well as phone number displayed on the backside of the tie. We therefore created a custom tag (aka tie keeper) that secures the narrow end in place behind the wide end of the tie:

custom bar tag loop necktie

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