Custom Embroidered Logo Tie

Oceanside Custom Logo Necktie

While printed fabrics will allow for more detail, the recent custom job we produced for the Oceanside High School soccer team is a perfect example of the detail that is possible using a woven fabric. Our customer wanted to produce a tie in school colors that also incorporate their intricate logo somewhere in the design. Below are initial 4 design suggestions our fabric designer created:

custom embroidered logo mens ties

The designs above served as a starting point and using the customer’s feedback, we refined the design further. The customer liked design #1 but wasn’t happy with so much gray in the design. We tweaked the colors and finalized the digital mock up as follows:

logo necktie design template

Once the digital design above was approved, we went into production. Just 8 days later we were able to shade photos of the actual ties with our client before moving ahead with the final production run. All ties were in our customer’s hand within 30 days of the order date. Below are two more photos of the tie showing the detail of the weave.



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