Custom Clip-On Ties for School Uniform

Occasional we receive requests from customers to add a custom logo to any of our in-stock designs. This was the case when we were contacted by a private school looking to add their logo to the following skinny regimental tie. They liked the classic navy and red design and repp texture but wanted to replace the crest on the tie with their ST|YV logo. Additionally they were looking to have these ties made into a clip-on tie, and wanted the tie to be made from a more stain resilient microfiber fabric. All this was no problem for us. Below are a few detailed photos of these custom clip-on ties.

custom repp striped logo neckties

The photo above shows the detailed logo embroidery added to this classic repp-texture tie. A truly classic design that is given a refreshed look thanks to the skinny cut of 2.75 inches.

custom repp striped logo skinny ties custom clip-on mens ties

The two photos above show the clip detail added to the back of the pre-tied knot. The clip lies hidden between the shirt collar – making the tie look just like any perfectly tied necktie while offering more convenience and a more uniform look.

Looking to get custom ties made? Then contact us today and we would be happy to assist with design mock ups.

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