Menswear Color Of The Month: Greenery


Each month we will be featuring a Color of the Month! We are often inspired by trending colors and want to share our love for the complexity within each hue. We hope that by submerging into the the color wheel, our customers’ knowledge will expand as we feature distinct, noteworthy items. Let us know your color requests in the comments below!


Mens Neckties and Bow Ties in Greenery


The Pantone color, Greenery is taking weddings, home decor, and fashion by storm in 2017! This popular foliage color brings life into every space it occupies. Whether decorating a white-walled room or planning a rustic barn wedding, this tone is sure to bring its own essence and flavor. To further our leafy fascination, we decided to make this color our featured color for April. This color can be complemented by an array of bright floral colors, as it is most often found in nature alongside its blooming counterparts, we think they team up quite nicely. By pairing Greenery with a contrasting hunter or forest green, it truly shines! We’ve also seen it paired with gold in muted or shimmering sheen. Create an approachable color canvas with Greenery on which to present your masterpiece whether that be clothes, a living room, or wedding reception! Our stylist has chosen eight of our products that best represent the Greenery hue. Shop the items below!


  • Menswear Color Of The Month - Greenery Neckties + Bow Ties


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