5 Ways To Tie A Tie : Cheap-Neckties + Eva Chung Collaboration

We collaborated with How-To YouTuber, Eva Chung in her video tutorial on 5 Ways To Tie a Skinny Tie. If you’re ever in a pinch and needing to find a new knot for that special occasion, this how-to video gives simple and easy steps to making the perfect knot every time! Check out the video and give her a thumbs up! See the five different necktie knots featured below!

5 Ways To Tie a Tie


Four in Hand Knot
Skinny Wool Tie in Graphite Gray


Half Windsor Knot
Light Blue Striped Skinny Necktie


Full Windsor Knot
Purple Paisley Woven Necktie


Trinity Knot
Summer Linen Striped Tie in Sky Blue


Eldredge Knot
Matte Skinny Tie in Grape Purple

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Video: How to Tie a Skinny Tie

Video Guide on How to Tie a Skinny Tie

Dear valued customer, we just launched a new site with Videos on How to Tie a Tie, and we already have another video for you teaching you the best tie knot for a trendy skinny tie (ties narrower than 2.5 inches). Besides teaching you the best knot for the skinny tie (the four in Hand knot), we also give you some tips on how to best wear and match the narrow necktie. We hope you enjoy this new video:

Three Style Tips for Skinny Ties
Style Tip #1: Match your skinny necktie with a shirt that has a smaller, less pronounced collar. The narrower/ shallower collar will be better suited for the proportion of the skinny tie’s width.

Style Tip #2: Skinny ties should be worn with modern cut suited. Best are European cut suits that are tapered at the waist and have narrower lapels. Also, 2-button jackets are best for skinny neckties.

Style Tip #3: Accessorize your skinny tie with tie bars or tie clips. We at Cheap-Neckties.com prefer tie bars over tie clips since we find their shallower profile more classy and perfect for an understated elegant look.

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Videos on How to Tie a Tie

New How to Tie a Tie Videos at Cheap-Neckties.com

tie-a-necktie-videosDear visitor, reader, and customer, we at Cheap-Neckties.com have just uploaded our new videos teaching you different ways you can tie your necktie. Even if you already know how to tie a tie, we belief that our videos will offer additional advice on proper tie length, matching knots to your collar style, and what tie designs and styles are best suited for certain tie knots. To view all our videos please visit our site titled: How to Tie a Tie Video.

What is to Come?
Currently you will find three different videos on how to tie a tie. The first video you will see is the four in Hand knot. It is the easiest and also one of the most common ways to tie a tie. The second video is the double Windsor. The double Windsor is a more advanced tie knot. It is one of the most popular knots, but also one of the knots that most men do not know how to tie correctly. Our video will change this! The last knot is the half Windsor – an asymmetric knot that will be easy to master after you learned to tie its bigger brother, the “double Windsor”.

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Mens Tie Shortcomings

Tie Shortcomings

short-tied-necktieA perfectly tied necktie will end near your belt buckle. Tie aficionados would go as far as insisting that a proper tied tie will end right at the center of the belt buckle. If you found yourself having difficulty tying a necktie to the proper length then these three tips will help you tying a perfect knot each time.

1. The Right Tie
Most ties have an overall, untied length of 57-59 inches and they will be a good fit for 98% of the male population. If you fall out of this percentile then chances are you will either need a longer length tie (if you are big & tall), or need to find ways to tie a tie shorter (in case you are shorter than 5 foot 2 inches). Basically if your height in inches added to your necksize in inches exceeds 92 then you will need to go out and buy extra long ties. If you are shorter then we suggest you follow our Short Tie Guide.

2. Know Your Ties
Even if all your ties are the same length, each tie will tie slightly different. Thus, familiarize yourself with your selection of ties. Most important is knowing where to start the knot and how far down the wide end of the tie should hang in proportion to the narrow end.

3. Knot Choices
Some knots, such as the popular double Windsor, need more of the tie’s length. Keep this in mind when choosing a tie and shirt. You may also want to read our guide on How to Tie a Tie for more information.

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How to Dimple a Tie

The Art of Dimpling Your Tie Knot

how-to-dimple-a-tieIt is the little detail that will make an outfit stand out. Knowing how to properly accessorize your suit and tie is only part of the equation. Equally important is knowing how to show off your accessories in the best possible way. This includes knowing how to properly fold a pocket square, how to match your necktie to shirt and suit, which type of tie knot to choose, what style of cufflinks best complement the ensemble, and so on…

When it comes to your tie, it is not just the design and color that matters, but also how you wear it. Which tie knot is best suited? Should you add a tie bar or tie clip? How should you style your tie knot? Below are all the basic tips on styling and accessorizing your necktie and necktie knot.

What Tie Knot to Choose?
We at Cheap-Neckties.com feature instructions for the five most popular tie knots. Which tie knot you choose is not just personal preference. What should be considered is the spread of your shirt collar, the thickness of the tie, as well as the size of your neck and face. As a general guideline, the knot you choose should fill the gap between the collar – meaning that wide spread collars need a larger tie knot. Narrow spread collars as well as button down collars on the other hand should be accessorized with a narrower and longer shaped tie knot. Finally, the size of the knot should be in proportion to the size of your face and neck. For more information please view our tutorials on How to Tie a Tie

Styling Your Tie Knot – The Art of the Dimple
Regardless of which tie knot you choose, the “dimple” is a perfect choice to emphasize your necktie. In fact, knowing how to properly dimple your tie will differentiate you from the average tie wearer and will make you part of the elite tie wearing club. To make this so-called “dimple” you got to pay attention during the final step of your tie knot. Before pulling the knot tight your pinch the necktie to create a crevice. Make sure that this crevice goes all the way inside the knot. Hold it in place with one finger while slowly pulling tight the knot. It is just this simple! Give it a try!

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How to Tie a Shelby Knot

Tie a Tie with a Shelby Knot

This popular knot is especially liked in the US. It is a perfect knot for shorter neckties and for big and tall men wearing a regular length tie. If you need to tie a shorter tie and want a knot that is more triangular and symmetrical then the Four in Hand then the Shelby is the perfect choice. Below are instructions on how to tie a Shelby tie knot.

  1. Lay the tie around your neck. As with all tie knots leave the wide end hanging lower. For the Shelby knot the wide end of the tie is turned over so that the inner stitching is visible.
  2. Just like you do for the half Windsor, loop the wide end of the tie around the part that goes around your neck.
  3. Pull the wide end down so that it creates a tight wrap.
  4. Now take the wide end and pull it over the knot. The front of the wide end should be facing out. Do not pull tight but create a loop.
  5. Now bring the wide end through the opposite side on the collar and pull through the loop you created in step 4.
  6. Pull the knot tight and if preferred pinch the wide end of the tie to create a dimple

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How to Tie an Oriental Tie Knot

Tying an Oriental Tie Knot

tie-an-oriental-necktie-knotLooking for a simple tie not that is quick to master? Do you also need a knot that does not take much of the tie’s length making it perfect for tall men and men with a larger neck size? Then the oriental knot will be perfect. If you know how to tie a four in Hand knot then the Oriental knot will be a piece of cake to master. Below are the instructions. For more information please click on the illustration.

Oriental Tie Knot Instructions:

  1. Lay the tie around your neck with the wide end hanging a bit lower than the narrow end. The back side of the wide end should be showing (the stitching should be visible) while the narrow end is showing the front side.
  2. Cross the narrow end of the tie over the wide end. Now take the wide end and wrap it over the narrow end so that the front of the tie is visible. Do not pull tight but leave a gap.
  3. Just like you do with the four in Hand or half Windsor pull the wide end of the tie in between collar and knot and then take the wide end and pull it through the loop created in the previous step.
  4. Now pull the wide end down and center it.
  5. Adjust the knot to you liking, flip down the collars and you are done.

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Casual Ascot Ties

New Selection of Casual “Ascot” Ties & Scarves

Dear valued customer, you may have noticed that we recently have added a brand new product category of ascot ties. Most of these designs are classic and elegant and and are well suited for a more casual look. Traditionally the ascot was worn with a tailcoat jacket for formal “daytime attire”. These ascots were typically solid in color or had fine foulard patterns that were only noticeable at a closer look. Ascots with more elaborate patterns and multiple colors were not too common on traditional ascots that were first worn towards the end of the 19th century.

Our selection of ascots combine exactly that: More elaborate design patterns and multiple colors. Therefore, they appear less formal but are nevertheless elegant and sophisticated. Also different is the way these ascots are tied. Traditional ascots have to broad ends and are symmetrical in shape. Our ascots on the other hand have one broad side, and one narrow side with a loop. Tying these type opf ascots is also much easier and does not require a tie pin. The illustration below will teach you how easy it is to tie one of our ascots.

how to tie an ascot tie

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Tying an Ascot Tie

Tying The Ascot Tie

Neckties come in a wide range of styles and cuts. Besides standard neckties and bow ties, men occasionally choose the ascot for their neck wear. The ascot tie looks like a wider and much shorter type of necktie. Traditionally it is tied much looser, and it is also not worn over the shirt, but tugged inside the collar with the top button unbuttoned. It reminds of a look that is half scarf and half necktie. To learn more on the history of this clothing item, how it got it’s name, and when to wear it, you may also want to read our article titled: “Ascot Ties“.

Ascot Tie Knot Instructions:

  1. Lay the tie around your neck with one hand hanging about 3-4 inches lower than the other. The “good side” should be showing at the front.
  2. Wrap the longer end around the other end.
  3. Wrap it all the way around.
  4. Take the tie and loop it through the gap between neck and half-tied ascot.
  5. Place the longer end of the ascot over the shorter end.
  6. Give it some final adjustment, and if this look is preferred, secure the ascot in place with a tie pin.

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