Summer Professional Wear Pyramid

Capsule Wardrobe: Menswear Essentials for Summer

We created a Winter Professional Pyramid for those interested in slimming down their wardrobe with only the essentials based on the capsule wardrobe idea. Before that, we put together a Summer Prep Pyramid. Now we’re here to offer a Summer Professional Pyramid for the working man who still wants to utilize mixing and matching with wardrobe staples.

1 Coat

We often forget about outerwear during the summer months due to heat. One thing to never be left without is a quality raincoat. A classic tan raincoat will keep you dry and stylish all season long.

2 Shoes

For a change from winter shoes, try out lighter colors. Keep brogues and loafers in the rotation.

3 Blazers

The key to summer blazers is lightweight material. Keep light gray, classic navy, and off-white jackets handy for the office and outdoor festivities.

4 Pants

Mix in lighter tones in dress pants like gray while also keeping classic navy handy. Invest in some chinos in tan and olive.

5 Shirts

Keep two to three solid dress shirts in your wardrobe while adding a few patterned options.

6 Neckties

Keep the patterns bright and fun! Summer is the time to try out a new style.

Light Blue Summer Stripe
Pink and Blue Gingham Check 
Sailboat Print Tie in Yellow
Grass Green Skinny Striped Tie
Knitted Silk Tie in Marine Blue
Cotton Bright Madras Tie

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How To Put Your Best Pink Forward

How to Wear Pink in Summer: Textured Tie + Navy Suit

Summer is the time to bust out the pink accessories that have been collecting dust over winter. We love this look featuring our azalea pink textured necktie. Worn with dark navy blue, the pink stands out and truly make a statement. The pairing of different patterns with the windowpane suit and polka dot pocket square make for an eye-catching outfit even though only two colors are present. Make sure to pair a unique lapel pin to solidify your style. Shop the items below.

Navy windowpane suit
White dress shirt
Lapel Pin
Azalea pink necktie
Navy polka dot pocket square

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Spring and Summer 2018 Wedding Trends


Spring and summer weddings in 2018 promise to be a colorful affair. From soft pastels to bold tones, there is much to be expected from this year’s wedding season. Here are four color palettes that are sure to be hit in the upcoming months. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for in search of your groom’s neckwear, check out the following selection and our Pinterest boards for each set!


Lavender  |  Sage  |  Dusty Rose
Pinterest Board



Berry  |  Greenery  |  Burgundy
Pinterest Board



Orange  |  Fuchsia  |  Blue
Pinterest Board


Mauve  |  Marsala  |  Pink
Pinterest Board

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Dress Like a Pro: Navy + Brown Stripes

Get The Look - Skinny Striped Necktie

 Charcoal jacket  |  Belt  |  White dress shirt
Silver watch  |  Paperclip tie bar  |  Brown and navy tie


There is no such thing as too much brown and navy, and this look has it all. The classically styled striped wool necktie with a trendy skinny width turns any run of the mill outfit into a fashionable affair. Paired with the monochromatic glen check jacket, the combination adds distinction while not going pattern crazy. Any look is insufficient without the essentials: belt, watch, and tie clip. The definition is in the details, so don’t forget them! Shop the items above!


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What To Wear For Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Date Outfit Idea For Men

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, if you already know the who, it’s time to start thinking about what, when, and wear. Don’t make the mistake of many men before who plan an evening without thinking about wardrobe. A well-planned date outfit can make or break the experience. There’s no need to go overboard with the red and pink on Valentine’s Day. By choosing a dark burgundy accent color, the elegance factor won’t be second-guessed. Choosing a light gray suit with a black shirt might switch up your typical dark suit and light shirt routine. Check out the items below!

Gray Suit
Black dress shirt
Burgundy tie
Linen pocket square with red border
Tie bar

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Trendy Solid Knit Neckties

Mens Blue Knit Tie

Stock up on knit neckties for all of your office wear! This trendy style is an easy way to bring some class to a casual office. Each made from premium knitted silk fabric, here are some of our most popular solid knit neckties. From dark autumn orange, navy, to modern purple. The versatility of the colors and design will make pairing with your current shirts and suits easy. Shop the items below.

What To Wear With Solid Color Knit Ties

Dark Autumn  |  Navy  |  Dark Gray
Purple  |  Sky Blue  |  Coffee Brown


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Popular Winter Tones: Textured Solid Neckties

Experiencing a case of the winter blues? Don’t let the gray skies get you down. Winter tones display some of the richest and warmest hues within the color wheel. From deep purple, forest green, burgundy, or navy blue, we’ve chosen popular neckties in our shiny textured micro check collection to feature within this winter collection. For the colder months, work in defining textures such as wool and tweed. Make the most of the next few months by bumping up your winter style! Shop the items below.

Textured Shiny Solid Mens Necktie in Purple Textured Shiny Solid Mens Necktie in Jet Black


Textured Shiny Solid Mens Necktie in Dark Green Textured Shiny Mens Necktie in Brown Textured Shiny Mens Necktie in MarsalaTextured Shiny Solid Mens Necktie in Navy

Get The Look: Casual Holiday Outfit For Men

Dress Up For the Holiday with this Inspirational Mens Look

Get your holiday style in ship shape with this inspirational and cozy outfit! The use of red and green make this a perfect choice for any family get together or casual office party. The layer and necktie in gray make for some subtle Christmas cheer without overdoing it. The woven gray skinny necktie and cardigan will give your look the extra texture it needs to create a memorable mens outfit for the holidays. Shop the items below.

Gray Sweater
Green and Blue Plaid Shirt
Gray Skinny Necktie
Red Tie Bar

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Tie and Pocket Square Combinations: Mens Style Help

Cheap-Neckties has a vast collection of neckties and pocket squares. While not all of our neckties have matching pocket squares, we love helping our customers find the closest match. Here are six more neckties that we pulled from our warehouse paired to a pocket square that is close in color or goes well with the item. Become a styling pro with these tie and pocket square combinations.

Is there an item you see on Cheap-Neckties that doesn’t have a matching pocket square? Want us to find a similar color? Leave your item suggestions below in the comments!


  • Mens Traditional Burgundy Paisley Necktie Paired to Solid Dark Red Solid Square


Paisley Tie in Burgundy
Burgundy Pocket Square

Wool Glen Check Mens Tie
Solid Black Pocket Square

Navy + Gray Striped Necktie
Silver + Gray Geometric Hanky

Taupe Houndstooth Skinny Tie
Golden Tan Stripe Pocket Square

Textured Tie in Mint Green
Solid Mint Mens Pocket Square

Orange + Blue Trendy Striped Tie
White Linen Hanky with Orange Edge

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5 Ways To Tie A Tie : Cheap-Neckties + Eva Chung Collaboration

We collaborated with How-To YouTuber, Eva Chung in her video tutorial on 5 Ways To Tie a Skinny Tie. If you’re ever in a pinch and needing to find a new knot for that special occasion, this how-to video gives simple and easy steps to making the perfect knot every time! Check out the video and give her a thumbs up! See the five different necktie knots featured below!

5 Ways To Tie a Tie


Four in Hand Knot
Skinny Wool Tie in Graphite Gray


Half Windsor Knot
Light Blue Striped Skinny Necktie


Full Windsor Knot
Purple Paisley Woven Necktie


Trinity Knot
Summer Linen Striped Tie in Sky Blue


Eldredge Knot
Matte Skinny Tie in Grape Purple

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