Mens Winter 2009/10 Ties

Mens Ties for This Year’s Winter Season

When it comes to colors in fashion most designers look at nature for inspiration. While the spring is mostly paired with brighter colors such as shades of fresh greens, light yellows, peach, pink, and pastel tones, the fall and winter season mostly shows darker, much more subdued colors. In addition to colors, fabrics are usually thicker and have a stronger pattern and/or weaving texture. Classic suit colors are gray, dark blues, and olive. Common fabric weaves are herringbone pattern as well as Prince of Whales, or window-pane check . Popular fabrics are twill, worsted wool as well as Cashmere on suits, and oxford cloth and linen on dress shirts. Popular necktie colors are burned orange, burgundy, gray, navy-blue, and hunter-green. If you are looking for a great “winter tie” then we selected three great looking ties from our current fall and winter 2009 collection for you. To see a larger image of each tie/ and or to purchase one of the ties, please click on the image.

Solid Cherry-Red Necktie
A simple yet stunning necktie – perfect for those who appreciate uncomplicated and timelessly elegant style. This tie is handmade from finest silk yarn adding a brilliant shimmer to the cherry-red fabric. Even though this tie is patternless and solid in color it is anything but boring. This tie matches best with shades of gray and blue. One of our favorite ways to wear this tie: Medium-gray suit with fine herringbone pattern, and a blue and white striped dress shirt. Still missing something on this look? Then add a matching burgundy pocket square to the breast pocket of your jacket and you will sure receive plenty of compliments anywhere you go. To see a larger picture of this tie, or to buy this tie, please click on the left image.

Green Tartan-Check Tie
A stunning necktie that will definitely add a fresh new look to any shirt and suit. A traditional Scottish tartan check pattern is created by weaving hunter-green, red, and gray silk yarns into one fabric. It is a tie that is perfectly suited for the colder and rainy days – those days that remind of foggy Scotland. To match this tie we suggest gray suits and dress shirts in either medium-blue, gray, or classic white. Our favorite outfit for this tie: Mens suit with 2-button jacket that is made from a coarser worsted wool or twill, and a button down dress shirt made from oxford cloth or linen – a look that will get you compliments in and outside the office. To see a larger picture of this tie, please click on the image on the left.

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Spring 2010 Men’s Style Trends

Styles in Mens Fashion for Spring 2010

Every men’s fashion designer has his or her own distinct signature style. Some are quite over the top, as with John Paul Gaultier for example, while others take a more reserved and familiar route, such as Prada. Yet even with all that diversity, certain trends and common factors emerge, giving you an idea of the next big thing in men’s style. Spring 2010 is no different; with all the pieces that came down the runway, the “stuff” to get for next season are pretty much all set.

Like striped ties and skinny pants, monochromatic outfits are one of those fashion trends that perpetually recur. All-black outfits are nothing new in men’s fashion, but it isn’t everyday that all white outfits come down the runway. Paul Smith, Gucci and Dior Homme, to name a few, sent down such all-white looks. If you’ve ever wanted to wear all-white, then do so in this coming spring season. Even non-white single color outfits prevailed, such as the bright shades of Bottega Veneta and oranges from Gaultier.

Every monochromatic outfit in existence gives contrast; for many, that’s the main reason to wear a single color in the first place. It’ll set the ideal stage to show a pop of another color like a slim black necktie on an all-white outfit, or bright red dress shoes on an all-black look.

It’s not every season that a single fabric comes into prominence, but velvet’s prevalence in the fashions for next season is very noticeable. No longer the exclusive DOM territory, velvet has been given a much needed image update by quite a number of designers.

A good example is how Dolce and Gabbana handled velvet in their D&G spin-off line. Not only did they use unusual colors – two shades of brown aside from the typical black – but they also paired the fabric with jean shirts and denims. But perhaps that’s where the novelty of the style lay; a stuffy old design like a velvet blazer can look new again when paired with a very 2010-ripped pair of denims and classic brown brogues along with it.

Should you decide to take the velvet plunge, keep in mind that you’re dealing with a very “old” and traditional clothing fabric. That means you have to be extra careful to keep the cut as modern as you can. A slim cut blazer with a cinched waist, no boxy shoulders, and modern buttons should be a good one to start you off, as long as its in a classic color like black, navy, or even burgundy.

Looking at 2010 spring collections it immediately becomes evident that fabric texture is a bigger thing than usual. When not playing around with colors, the designers are bringing out textures, even ones that haven’t seen the light of a runway in a long time.

And it wasn’t just the velvet, either. There was rumpled comfort and ubiquitous woven bags at Bottega Veneta, gauzy ease at Calvin Klein and filmy mesh from Prada. Texture will be a big thing for spring. When looking at fabric weaves and different clothing texture make sure that you choose those that aren’t too “hard” – meaning that the different fabrics are not too much of a contrast to one another. You won’t have to look like a walking swatch of textured fabric just to ride this trend. In fact, you’ll need as little as one accessory like a knit necktie or a velvet trilby to spruce up your look. That’s one of the cool things about playing around with textures on your outfit: adding just a wee, wee bit can already take you a long, long way.

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Teal Blue Ties

Trendy Fall and Winter Ties in Teal Blue

Almost any fashion designer, from Armini to Zegna, is featuring the color Teal on many of their mens ties for this year’s fall and winter fashion. Even the most exclusive tie designers like Marinelli and Brioni, two labels that are often times known for more classic-conservative designs, have many teal blue ties in their Fall and Winter collection for 2009. At cheap neckties we follow current fashion trends and always update our inventory to bring you the latest designs, colors, fabrics, and patterns. But unlike paying close to $200 for a tie, like one made by Brioni, you will never pay more than $20 for a handmade silk tie her at

How to Wear Teal Colored Ties
Teal is greenish shade of blue. Some describe the color teal as a dark shade of turquoise. It is not surprising that the color teal combines the attributes from both: blue and green. Depending on the other colors on the tie, teal colored neckties look best when matched with classic and somewhat more conservative colors like gray and charcoal on the suit and classic white on the dress shirt. The tie will add all the color you need!

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