July 22, 2009

Brad Paisley wearing Paisley Necktie

Country Star Brad Paisley wears a Paisley Pattern Tie

When you hear Brad Paisley you probably think country music and not neckties. Although his traditional outfit is the button-up shirt, jeans, and cowboy hat, we found him wearing a necktie during the Country Music Awards earlier this year. To our surprise he was not wearing the typical Texas tie, called Bolo tie, but an actual silk necktie. To honor his name he picked a black tie with a reddish paisley pattern.

The Paisley pattern is as foreign to country-wear as Baseball hats are to black tie functions. The Paisley pattern originated in India during the 16th century. It originally represents the shoots of a young date palm tree, and is a symbol for fertility and health in ancient Babylonia. For mens ties, paisly patterns have gained much popularity in the 1960s. Today smaller paisleys that look almost like little polka dots from the distance are most popular on neckties.

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