February 9, 2010

Ascots and Other Unusual Ties

Dress Code for Ascots, Bolo Ties, and Other Anomalies

Every man knows the classic neck and bow ties. Whether the tie is skinny or wide, is pre-tied or self-tied, has stripes or an intricate paisley pattern – the idea and general look is the same. However, there are other types of neckwear found in mens fashion throughout the world. Below is a list of ties that are much less common in daily wear.

The Ascot
Nowadays, ascot ties are much less common. It is a type of neckwear that resembles a cross between a silk scarf and a classic necktie. When untied the ascot is much wider and shorter than a regular necktie. Also, instead of having one narrow, and one broad end, the ascot tie has two ends that are symmetrical and equal in size. The ascot originated during the end of the 19th century in England. The ascot was part of the required attire for the infamous British horse race “The Royal Ascot” – hence the name. Traditionally the ascot is worn with top hat and tails and is part of formal morning and/or daytime attire. Today the ascot is worn much more casual. Even though men still wear ascots with tailcoat jackets for formal daytime weddings for instance, it is most commonly worn in a much dressed down fashion. Modern ascots are tied much looser and resemble more of a tugged in scarf. While formal ascots are solid colored the more casual ascots show more color and patterns – such as paisleys or foulard.

The Neck-Slip
The neck slip is a hybrid between the regular necktie and the ascot. The neck-slip is worn very loosely and tucked into the dress shirt so that only the ring around the neck is visible. It is a great fashion accessory for the slightly older male. It looks great in combination with sports coat, blazer jacket, as well as with a classic smoking jacket.

The Bandana
The bandana is typically associated with cowboys and early railroad workers. It is the type of neckwear that is most associated with working class men than any other. Bandana’s are usually made from cotton and were worn to protect the neck from the sun as well as to help absorb sweat. If you want to try wearing a bandana then we suggest to wear it with a cotton shirt and tug it into the shirt in a similar fashion as you would with the ascot.

The Bolo Tie
The bolo tie originated in Arizona in the mid 20th century. It is a decorative type of neckwear that consists of a braided leather string and an ornamental clasp. The bolo tie became the official tie of Arizona in 1971. It is usually worn with western wear such as tight denim jeans, cowboy boots, flannel shirt, western belt and belt buckle, and the cowboy hat.

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