February 28, 2012

5 Fashion Tips for Shorter Men

Five Fashion Tips for Shorter-Than-Average Height Men

short-man-fashion-tipsAsk just about any guy of average height, and chances are they’ll tell you that they wish they were taller. Indeed, there is a mystique that comes along with height, one that people often pine for even when they are already at a decent height for their weight. For those who are shorter than average, dressing in an attractive manner is often made more difficult than it is for people who are 5’9” or taller. That said, there are plenty of things that short men can do in order to increase their chances of looking their best, despite their height. With the following tips on your side, you can dress with confidence in no time.

1. Focus on Your Shirt
For shorter men, it’s important to dress in a way so that attention gets drawn towards the face, as this can help to increase one’s perceived height. One of the best ways to draw attention to the top half of your body is simply to wear the right shirt. Whether you’re in a t-shirt, dress shirt or otherwise, you should strive to follow a few general rules. The shirt should be fitted so that it flatters your body; loose or overly tight clothing need not apply. In addition, the neck of the shirt should frame your face in an attractive manner. With an attractive shirt, you can make any ensemble pop just a bit more.

2. Consider the V-Neck
V-neck sweaters are rather misunderstood amongst most men. While they can be difficult to pull off, they are essential for men who are on the shorter side. The shape of a v-neck can add inches to one’s height, thanks to the vertical-leanings of this type of collar. Crew necks, on the other hand, can actually take an inch or two away from height given the fact that they add a more rounded look to one’s appearance. Even if you’ve never tried wearing v-necks in the past, you may be surprised by how effective they can be when it comes to adding height to your appearance.

3. Stay Away from Bulky Clothing
The number one thing to avoid if you are shorter than average is clothing that will make you look shorter than you already are. While many people find bulky clothing to be comfortable, it’s difficult to argue the fact that it makes one look a bit more horizontal in shape than vertical. You can keep this issue at bay by wearing clothing that is made out of thin materials, avoiding sweaters, pants and any other clothing items that are on the thicker side. If you’re partial to sweaters, for example, a thin-knit cardigan can be very effective, and will actually serve to make you look even a bit taller than you are.

4. Wear Properly Fitted Pants
It’s not uncommon for shorter individuals to wear pants that are bit long for their height. Many people don’t realize, however, that this can actually draw attention directly towards the feet and lower half of the body, which inherently causes a person to appear shorter than they are. Rather, the pants you wear should rest either slightly above or directly at the top of your shoes, as fitted pants always help to accent a person’s height in a positive manner. If things look or feel even slightly baggy, consider wearing a different pair of pants.

5. Avoid Bold Colors
For whatever reason, bold colors always seem to take a way from a person’s perceived height. This can be detrimental for men who are already short, and should be worked against no matter what the scenario. Rather, stick to neutrals and monochromatic ensembles, which will help to make you look but slimmer and taller at the same time.

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