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Aqua Blue Necktie

Aqua Blue Necktie
$ 10.00

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Product Details

This is a wonderful tie to wear during the summertime for both casual and formal events, plus any type of event in between. This aqua blue color looks wonderfully fresh against a light grey or a beige suit because those colors will compliment this shade of blue very nicely. We also think that with these colors a lighter dress shirt will look fantastic. Regardless what you decide to wear with this tie, you will look great. Made from stain resilient microfiber.

Tie Length: 58", Width: 3.5"

Product Rewiews

Holly's review

"My son bought this to use for a two year religious mission. He is very pleased with the look and quality."

Rating 5/5
Beverley's review

"All of the ties I received were beautifully made and arrived in perfect condition."

Rating 5/5
David's review

"not quite shade I expected....."

Rating 4/5
Frederick's review

"Love the tie, got it for work to brighten up the wardrobe"

Rating 5/5
Steven's review

"I will use for work. Great quality and color. I highly recommend."

Rating 5/5
Balbir's review

"Excellent colour!"

Rating 5/5
Rachel's review

"This was a beautiful tie, anyone who wears blue should have this in their collection."

Rating 5/5
BRITTNEY's review

"I love the tie!"

Rating 5/5