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Matching necktie colors: The psychology of colors:

White ties:

Some fashion experts also consider the white tie “The Queen of all Ties”. In fact, white was the first necktie color worn by the French upper class during the 17th century. Even today, many occasions in Europe require one to wear a white necktie. Judges in Germany for example are required to wear a white tie to court. IN the US, the white tie is a common formal tie work during the warm days and during the day. To find out more information on white neckties such as:

  • When to wear a white tie
  • Who wears white ties best
  • The psychology of wearing a white tie
  • The history of white ties

Silver and gray neckties:

Silver is another formal necktie color. The solid color silver tie is a common necktie chosen for weddings and other formal occasions that take place during the day. Find out more information on silver and gray neckties such as:

  • When to wear a silver tie
  • Silver ties look best with?
  • The effects of wearing silver ties

Black ties:

The black necktie is next to the bow tie the most formal piece of neckwear in the US. For a reason we speak of black tie attire. The black tie is not only popular for formal events, but is a quite trendy piece of neckwear when chosen as a skinny necktie. Funerals also call for a black tie. More information on black ties:

  • When to wear black tie
  • How to match a black tie
  • The effects of wearing a black necktie

Yellow Ties:

Ties in yellow are most commonly seen in designers’ spring and summer collections. Yellow is considered a warm and friendly color that matches well with shades of blue. To find out more information on yellow ties:

  • When to wear yellow ties
  • Best color combinations to match a yellow tie
  • Yellow neckties and the effects on others

Green Ties:

Green ties are common all year around. The lighter shades of green ties such as the popular sage green and apple green is most common in the spring and summer. The fall and winter calls for darker shades of green such as shades of forest green and olive. More on green neck ties:

  • The different shades of green
  • Matching green ties
  • Green ties and the effects on others

Pink Ties:

Pink ties have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. They match well with gray suit and classic white dress shirt, and simply add a fresh touch to your formal attire. To find out more on pink neckties such as:

  • The psychology of pink, and the effects of pink ties
  • Different shades of pink
  • How to match pink ties

Orange Ties:

Orange is a mix of yellow and red and carries the effects of both: Exciting and cheerful. Orange ties come in a wide variety of shades, from bright peach orange to a bronze-orange. To learn how to match orange ties and more select below:

  • The effects of the color orange and wearing orange neckties
  • The shades of orange
  • How to match orange ties

Red Ties:

Red ties are often considered to be a “power tie” and stand out from the crowd. Red is one of the oldest necktie colors and is still today the most popular color for men’s ties. There are quite a wide range of reds from a bright fire-engine red to a burgundy red, and each shade carries its own personality. To find out more on red ties:

  • The history of red ties
  • The different shades of red ties
  • How to match red ties
  • The effects on others when wearing red ties

Blue Ties:

Next to red ties, blue is the second most common color for ties. Light and baby blue ties are most common in the spring and navy blue ties are more common in business and in the fall. To find out more on blue ties:

  • The effects of wearing blue neckties
  • The different shades of blue used for neckties
  • How to match blue ties

Brown Neckties:

Brown is a mature and conservative color. For neckties, brown is most common in the fall and winter. Lighter shades of brown such as tan and sand-tone are also seen in the spring in combination with other lighter colors. To learn more about brown ties

  • The psychology of colors: The effects of wearing brown ties
  • How to match brown ties

Ties sorted color: To make it easier for you to find the perfect necktie, we sorted all our ties by color. Choose the color you are looking for and browse through our inventory of men’s silk ties. Need advice on how to combine colors and match your tie? Select the color tie you like and read on.

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