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At we divided our bow ties into three different groups: Bow ties in single color, bow tie and pocket square sets, and patterned bow ties. Click on the category below to view our entire collection. All featured bow ties are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

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When to wear bow ties?

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Bow ties are typically reserved for black tie attire in combination with a tuxedo jacket. The most common, and also most formal bow tie for this occasion is the black bow tie. Next to the classic black bow tie, solid color bow ties are most formal. Light pink, silver, and white bow ties are common for summer weddings and during warm weather. They should still be worn with a tuxedo jacket.

Bow ties with polka dots, stripes, and/or motifs are less formal and are actually quite fashionable for business, or casual attire. When choosing such a slightly more playful bow-tie, you should still combine it with a matching pocket square. A nicely folded pocket square in your breast pocket will compliment the classic traditional look. Bow ties with patterns are preferably worn with a suit, and not a tuxedo jacket.

Who wears bow ties:

Besides formal events, bow ties are often associated with certain professions such as university professors, architects, and attorneys. In the US, the bow tie is often times seen as an item of sophistication, and commonly associated with the New England preppy look.

Self tied or pre-tied, clip on bow ties?

In the old days, bow ties had to be, just like neckties, tied by hand. Over time the bow tie became less popular for business attire and was replaced by the necktie. As a result many men only wear a bow tie on a few occasions a year, and simple don’t know how to tie a bow tie. For the true bow tie aficionado however there is no substitute to self tied freestyle bow ties. We at carry a wide selection of both types of bow ties.

Today almost all bow ties sold in the US are prettied and are closed with a metal clip that is sown into the bow. The length adjusts easily, and they are easy to tie. All our bow ties are pre-tied, and some even come with a matching pocket square.

The history of bow ties:

It is uncertain what came first: The bow tie or the necktie. What most historians agree on however is that the tie was brought to France by Croatian mercenaries in the 17th century during the 30 Years War. This type of tie resembled a mixed look of modern bow tie and necktie. Many argue that the modern look of today’s necktie came first after the invention of the Four in Hand tie knot.

Bow ties with matching pocket squares:

Bow ties should always be combined with a pocket square. Formal black bow ties should be matched with a classic white pocket square. The white pocket square is also the first pick for any solid color bow tie since it adds to the formal, and elegant/clean look.

Less formal bow ties with patterns of stripes, polka dots, or motifs are best combined with a pocket square featuring the same pattern. It will compliment the sophisticated look without making it look too formal. After all, such bow ties are preferred for non-black tie events, and are playful, yet elegant.

Bow ties: Cheap-neckties selection of classic bow ties. Here you will find anything from the classic black bow tie for black tie events, to light pink bow ties for weddings, all the way to playful polka dot bowties with matching pocket squares.

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