July 11, 2013

Spring & Summer Tie Trends for 2014

Get a First Look at Next Year’s Spring & Summer Collections

While next year’s spring and summer season is almost a year away, we at Cheap-Neckties have already been working with our designers on dozens of new tie collections. While these will not be available for purchase until late Fall of this year, we couldn’t hold back to already give you a little sneak preview.

bright-color-plaid-tiesPastel colors will, once again, take center stage on many neckwear designs for Spring & Summer 2014. The collection above is out of PUCCINI’s new plaid assortment which combines bold Glen plaids with pastel colors in peach, coral, sky-blue, yellow, and lime.


crayon-colored-necktiesJust when we thought that we have already seen any imaginable necktie color, we got presented this stunning repp-stripe collection by Parsley. We love the bold look that reminds us of colors we would find straight out of a Crayon set. If you want to make a statement, this collection will be right for you!


pastel-colored-tiesNot looking for any crazy patterns, but still want to embrace the trending spring & summer look? Then this ribbed textured collection of solids is perfect. For the spring 2014 neckwear designer PUCCINI is presenting us with any imaginable pastel hue ranging from trendy mint-greens to the wedding-party-popular coral and peach.

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