July 5, 2017

Menswear Color Of The Month: Power Red

Each month we will be featuring a Color of the Month! We are often inspired by trending colors and want to share our love for the complexity within each hue. We hope that by submerging into the the color wheel, our customers’ knowledge will expand as we feature distinct, noteworthy items. Let us know your color requests in the comments below!


Find Neckties and Bow Ties For Sale in Power Red

Our featured menswear color for July is Power Red! A must have accessory for any business man. The strong color exudes a bold, powerful presence, hence the name. This is why we see many politicians, CEOs, and men on Wall Street wearing this iconic color. It demands respect! While not all red ties are equal (see our Worst Dressed Politicians list), we’ve found some of the best in our inventory! The best way to make these neckties pop? Wear a red neckwear accessory with a dark suit in black or navy and a white dress shirt.

  • Mens Bow Tie in Self Tie Style in Red



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June 28, 2017

Patterned Neckties Matched To Pocket Squares

We’ve paired six of our neckties to solid pocket squares for your styling or wedding searching! Whether you’re looking to spruce up an office look or heading to a summer festivity, making sure your style is in check should hit top of your to-do list. It can be tricky to find a matching pocket square for the necktie of your dreams online so we’ve made the task a little simpler by doing the work for you! Take a look at our matches and shop the items through the links below.



   Blush Pocket Square                                 Dark Pink Pocket Square                          Midnight Blue Pocket Square
Light Pink Textured Necktie                         Striped Tie In Magenta Pink                       Herringbone Denim Blue Tie


Dark Orange Silk Pocket Square                  Solid Dark Green Pocket Square                   Bright Red Pocket Square
 Jaffa Orange Geometric Pattern Tie            Modern Hunter Green and Silver Tie           Classic Red and White Striped Tie  




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May 24, 2017

Get The Look: Trendy Blue + Brown

Mens Summer Style - Trendy Blue Jacket + Skinny Check Necktie

Blue and brown will always be a contender for one of the top menswear color pairings. The two iconic colors blend and complement each other in a way that others colors cannot. Often a fall time duo, this look features a light blue jacket which makes it spring and summer worthy! The necktie sports a brown, navy, and red plaid pattern with houndstooth design we can’t help but love! Show off your styling chops and shop the items below.

Blue Suit Jacket

Tie Bar in Matte Burgundy

Twill White Dress Shirt

Houndstooth Trendy Tweed Tie

Brown + White Floral Hanky

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March 28, 2017

Spring Look Giveaway: Vote + Win to Cheap-Neckties!

Last Fall we held a voting contest for your favorite Autumn mens look! We’ve created four more combinations perfect for Spring time!




UPDATE: Congratulations to our $100 gift card winner, Laura!

Your votes have been cast! Here are your favorite looks:

1st Place: Combo #4 with 32.9%
2nd Place: Combo #1 with 31.6%
3rd Place: Combo #2 with 27.8%
4th Place: Combo #3 with 7.6%

Thank you to all who participated!


Like what you see? Shop the items below:

Combo 1:
Linen Tan Suit  |  Cotton Pink + Blue Tattersall Shirt  |  Navy Striped Tie  |  Blue + Pink Dot Hanky

Combo 2:
Green Linen Jacket  |  Green Striped Shirt  |  Light Grey Trousers  |  Skinny Striped Nectarine Tie 

Combo 3:
Blue Check Jacket  |  Light Blue Shirt  |  White Trousers  |  Pink Gingham Check Self Tied Bow Tie

Combo 4:
Blue Jacket  |  Light Blue + White Check Shirt  |  Bright Madras Plaid Tie  |  Red Border White Hanky



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February 16, 2017

Get The Look: Street Worthy Office Wear

Shop This Street Style Worthy Look For The Office


Often throughout the work week we find ourselves dragging tired bodies out of bed, only to blindly pull some clothes from the hangers. This week’s featured look will give inspiration and pep to your office wear blues! Not only does this outfit translate into success in the workplace, it’s spectacular enough to get you noticed on the street! The dark navy suit, statement socks, and standout cognac loafers will bring out a confidence that cannot be hidden! Our knitted necktie in orange and navy is the slight burst of color that will bring the whole look together. Shop the look through the items below!

Navy Jacket

Slim Navy Dress Pants

Striped Knit Orange + Navy Tie

White Linen Pocket Square

Cognac Men’s Loafer

Men’s Braided Dress Belt

Navy Pattern Socks

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January 4, 2017

Winter Neckties: Red, Grey, and Navy Plaid

Winter Neckties in Red, Grey, Navy Plaid

Winter’s favorite colors – navy and grey – are now available in the form of new plaid neckties! Dress up your favorite navy button up shirt with one of 4 new items featuring a red, gray, and navy plaid design in various patterns. Be sure to bundle up while taking your style to the next level with a charcoal blazer or light gray shawl neck sweater.



Plaid Neckties In Red, Grey, and Navy

Plaid Tie in Grey, Red, Navy

Plaid Neckties In Red, Grey, and Navy

Designer Skinny Tartan Plaid Tie

Plaid Neckties In Red, Grey, and Navy

Large Scale Plaid Necktie

Plaid Neckties In Red, Grey, and Navy

Modern Tartan Plaid Necktie


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September 14, 2016

Men’s Guide to Matching Hats to Ties

Guide for Matching Hats to Ties For Men


A nonnegotiable for today’s well-dressed man is having the ever-essential hat in your fashion arsenal. A menswear accessory that has a match for almost every occasion – from the relaxed baseball cap for expeditions with friends to the flat cap for your sophisticated commute – hats have become a staple in both men’s casual and professional settings. Whether you are partial to a classic Winston Churchill look with the forever stylish homburg and dot bow tie, represent the hip population with a large-brim fedora and skinny knit tie, or keep things interesting with a coonskin cap and ascot, this graphic is here to help you choose the best neckwear for your hat preferences.


See our collections of skinny neckties, bow ties, and solid color neckties.


Follow our Hats + Ties Pinterest board to find more inspiration!


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June 17, 2016

Get The Look – Summer Workwear

Pink Shirt and Blue Polka Dot Tie


Linen Blazer

Pocket Square 

Pink Button Down Shirt 

Polka Dot Tie 


Chances are, most of you are lamenting the fact that you have to work in the summer. It’s hot, there’s a million things you would rather be doing – but alas you have to go into the office. This week we are celebrating the style potential of dressing for the office in summer. First of all, switch out your customary white button downs and shake it up with a soft pink. A pro tip is to color coordinate your pocket square to your shirt. Opt for simple and chic neckwear like this artisan polka dot tie in vintage blue. Couple all this with a solid pair of well ironed chinos – and you’re set to go.

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April 29, 2015

Knit Tie Summer Inspiration


Ties are not just for stuffy business meetings, political conventions, or formal gathering. In fact, the traditional necktie as you may know it has undergone a style makeover. Modern ties have become skinnier, feature bolder colors and patterns, and are often made using different fabrics. One of such pieces is the square tipped knitted tie. It is a fantastic piece for non-business settings that evokes sartorial confidence only few other accessories can match. While it can be worn with classic suit our stylist put togther the perfect summer look above.

Blazer by Uniqlo – $50.00
Necktie by BlackBird – $15.00
Pants by H&M – $30.00
Tie Clip by Mont Pellier – $14.90
Sneakers by Adidas – $80.00
Glasses by Brooks Brothers – $85.00
Pocket Square by Cantucci – $14.90
Dress Shirt by Club Monaco – $59.00

January 30, 2015

Affordable Kid’s Sized Neckties for Any Occasion

If you’re looking for the perfect necktie to accent your little one’s formal outfit, you’re in luck! Many of our popular adult styles are made in a 48″ length to fit boys between the ages of 5-10. Many of these ties are great for matching with popular designers’ colors like David’s Bridal and J. Crew, making it easy to find ring-bearer neckties that match your bridal party. We also have a wide variety of patterns and textures. Let him explore his own personal style by picking out a tie for the next school picture day!

Here are just a few of the most popular solid colored kid’s neckties we have to offer. Click on the images below for tie details and links to the adult versions. And stay tuned! Our new collection of kid’s bow ties are in the works!

Kids Sized Neckties

Solid Colored Kids Red Cerise Pink Tie in Kids Amber Orange Tie for Kids Solid Kids Necktie in Berry PurpleSolid-Color-Midnight-Blue Solid Necktie in Lilac Bright Ice-Blue Necktie Solid-Apricot-Pink