September 14, 2016

Men’s Guide to Matching Hats to Ties

Guide for Matching Hats to Ties For Men


A nonnegotiable for today’s well-dressed man is having the ever-essential hat in your fashion arsenal. A menswear accessory that has a match for almost every occasion – from the relaxed baseball cap for expeditions with friends to the flat cap for your sophisticated commute – hats have become a staple in both men’s casual and professional settings. Whether you are partial to a classic Winston Churchill look with the forever stylish homburg and dot bow tie, represent the hip population with a large-brim fedora and skinny knit tie, or keep things interesting with a coonskin cap and ascot, this graphic is here to help you choose the best neckwear for your hat preferences.


See our collections of skinny neckties, bow ties, and solid color neckties.


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September 9, 2016

Men’s Fall Denim – Fashion Accessories for Autumn

Denim Looks for Autumn: Menswear Accessories



 Glen Check in Dark Brown     Skinny Gingham Check Tie       Navy Knit Skinny Tie

Navy Wool Gingham Bow Tie   Skinny Tie in Deep Red           Sand + Copper Dot Tie 


While we’re sad to see summer leave, the excitement of a new season comes with adventures and of course, new colors! Autumn is known for its bold and deep hues of burgundy, brown, and orange. Another must-have for the upcoming fall months is an always-faithful denim jacket. Whether you’re new to the denim game or have a vintage treasure passed down, autumn is your time to shine! Find some great looks pairing denim with autumn colors and showcasing our favorite neckties and bow ties. Be sure to follow our Denim + Chambray Styling Pinterest Board for more menswear looks!


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August 17, 2016

Get The Look – Preppy Summer Attire

Get this summer preppy look


Linen Blazer

Burgundy Crested Tie

White Button Down Shirt

White Chinos

Navy Linen Pocket Square

Burgundy Tassel Loafers

Tartan Dog Leash

This week our featured Get The Look gives a shout out to your younger prep school days. Remember when the crested ties were mandatory and looking studious was not a suggestion? This summer look takes the best of parts of those uniform days but adds some aspects you won’t find in your yearbook. The linen blazer is a must-have upgrade from the usual navy jacket. When paired with a white button down, white chinos, repp crested tie, and burgundy tassel loafers, you’ve landed yourself a look worthy of the Hampton’s. Don’t forget to keep your pup stylish with a tartan dog leash.



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August 10, 2016

Men’s Guide to Tie Width Trends


Variations of Men's Necktie Widths

Necktie widths can say a lot about your fashion and style preferences as well as a glance into the era in which you grew up. We created this guide for six different widths, made popular in different decades and many are still popular today!


Kipper Tie

You might recognize the name Kipper Tie if you were around for the 40’s, 70’s, or the short reappearance in the early 90’s. If you can’t distinguish the name, you may recall the style. These ties could measure anywhere from 4.5” – 6” wide and sported loud colors and designs. If you like to wear your favorite animal prints and hobbies, you might enjoy this vintage style.


Traditional Tie 

The “standard” width for ties has varied throughout the years. During the 80’s, a traditional width would have been closer to 3.75”- 4” wide and is still a go-to by many tie purists today. If you’re into large paisley designs or plant life, there is a good chance you might find some classic items you fancy.


New Standard Tie

If you prefer your ties to be a happy medium all the way around – size and design – you might enjoy the new standard width of 3.25” – 3.5”. Made popular in the early 1950’s and popular still today, business professionals wore this width in solid colors.

Solid Color Ties


Narrow Tie

Are you leaning on the trendy fence, but not quite ready to commit? The invention of the narrow, but not skinny, tie blurs the line of past and present. Commonly around 2.75” – 3” wide, it could pass for a skinny tie for some and yet a standard width for others. If you’re indecisive, this might be your next best friend.

See one of our favorites here.


Skinny Tie

If you were inspired by the style of the Beatles or are hip on the current trends, the skinny tie is most likely your favorite piece to wear with a tailored suit. Originally made popular in the late 50’s and early 60’s and crafted from leather or knit wool. The skinny tie is around 1.5” – 2” wide and is back in style with unending colors and designs for round two in its claim to fame.  


Bolo Tie

The skinniest of skinnies, the Bolo Tie is a simple cord or leather string with metal ends with a decorative clasp or piece of jewelry. Known for its appearance in old Westerns, this item is still popular among the southwest states. If your style is simple, understated, yet determined, consider giving this a try.



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July 22, 2016

Summer’s Most Popular Light Blue Neckties

Popular Ties in Baby Blues

Check Patterned Tie        |        Baby Blue Striped Tie        |      Linen Tie in Blue

Modern Repp Striped Tie        |       Polka Dot Tie       |     Herringbone Tie

Mini Check Tie       |       Tie in Kentucky Blue       |     Summer Striped Tie

Instantly refresh your summer look with any one of our best-selling neckties in a variety of handsome light blues.  Light blue adds a chic dose of color to your workwear basics including your white oxfords, gray suits and navy blue blazers. Ocean blues are synonymous with cool summer style and can be worn for work and for play.  Check out more ideas by visiting our Pinterest Board for Spring and Summer Style.

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June 28, 2016

Aloha To Summer Style

Tropical Patterned Menswear Accessories


Inject some cheer into to your menswear wardrobe with our brilliantly designed collection of skinny tropical ties and coordinating pocket squares in bright summer colors. These FUN accessories are statement pieces that inspire grandiose visions of island paradises. Summer is the season to accessorize in bright colors and bold patterns. These tropical ties are energetically versatile and widely admired for their exotic appeal. Change the entire attitude of your power blue suits, take button downs to the next level of cool and give your everyway looks a piece of paradise. Check out how well these ties pair with button downs.

Skinny Tropical TieLight Blue and Orange Tropical TieNavy Hawaiian TieNavy Blue Tie and Hawaiian Shirt


You can instantly pair these combos with a summer suit or chino shorts. It’s all up to how professional or -casual you want to get. These charming accessories are great to style and make great summertime gifts. And if your really want to get colorful, pair these ties with one of our fashion forward tie bars in yellow, blue  or red.


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June 17, 2016

Get The Look – Summer Workwear

Pink Shirt and Blue Polka Dot Tie


Linen Blazer

Pocket Square 

Pink Button Down Shirt 

Polka Dot Tie 


Chances are, most of you are lamenting the fact that you have to work in the summer. It’s hot, there’s a million things you would rather be doing – but alas you have to go into the office. This week we are celebrating the style potential of dressing for the office in summer. First of all, switch out your customary white button downs and shake it up with a soft pink. A pro tip is to color coordinate your pocket square to your shirt. Opt for simple and chic neckwear like this artisan polka dot tie in vintage blue. Couple all this with a solid pair of well ironed chinos – and you’re set to go.

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June 7, 2016

A Fashionable Father’s Day Gift Guide

Gift Guide For Your Dad's Who Like Accessories

Linen Pocket Square

Yachting Tie 

Swim Suit

Poplin White Shirt 

Stan Smith Sneakers


Navy Knit Tie  


Red Tie Bar 

Anchor Bracelet 

Mark your calendars: Father’s Day is June 19th. We created a fail proof gift guide for all those fashionable fathers out there who like to like to handsome it up with their accessories. This gift guide is a mix of trends and classics that everyone is sure to covet this summer season. Shop the links above and treat your father to a dynamite Dad’s Day.  And remember, menswear accessories make brilliant gifts because your rarely have to worry about sizing.  Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads.

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June 2, 2016

Summer Neckties That Pop




The best thing about summer menswear are the colors. Don’t just get colorful with your swim trunks and flip flops! Add summer colors to your accessories too. Our in house menswear stylist picked out 5 chic summer accessories that make things pop.  This season is all about vibrant color reds and handsome blues. For a more no-fuss feel, pair these bright accessories with striped button down oxfords.
StripedAqua_Shirt2 StripedAqua_Shirt3 Gingham Tie StripedAqua_Shirt5

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May 25, 2016

Get The Look – Spring Chic In Linen


Gray Blazer 

Linen Pants

Navy Pocket Square 


White Button Down Shirt 

Striped Linen Tie


Shake up your workwear routine and wear linen this Spring. Our featured Get The Look this week pairs lightweight fabrics effortlessly to create a sharp and professional look that is prepped for anything Spring throws at you from heat to rainstorms. Mixing your assortment of light and dark blues is a brilliant way to create cohesive looks. This sky blue linen striped tie is a standout menswear accessory with unlimited potential. It can just as easily be dressed up for the office as it can be dressed down for a lovely Sunday brunch.


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