December 12, 2014

Tropical Silk Tie Collection


We’re still feeling the aftermath of Northern California’s #Stormageddon here at Cheap-Neckties’  San Francisco headquarters. And while our state dearly needs the rain, we can’t help but miss those bright and lazy days of summer!

Luckily, Cantucci’s latest collection of tropical silk neckties and pocket squares have just arrived, brightening our office with beachy coastal vibes. Bold hibiscus flowers and palm frond prints pop with bright purple, honey-yellow, leafy green, and deep orange against various shades of blue backgrounds, creating a design that’s apt to make any winter work day feel like summer vacation.


These trendy tropical accessories are made from 100% premium woven silk imported from the coast of Italy and are artfully handcrafted for optimal quality. Each print is available in both a skinny 2.35″ necktie and 10″ x 10″ pocket square.

Dress up your dark suits and blazers by pairing one of these neckties with a colorful tie bar and a furled matching pocket square.


December 5, 2014

Get This Look For Under $300 – Winter Chic


A dapper look for keeping things colorful in the winter.

 Wool Trench Coat – $38.99

Yellow Silk Tie – $15

Leather Gloves – $14

Double Breasted Jacket – $55.90

White Poplin Shirt – $78

Brown Chinos – $98

Create a dapper winter look that mixes brown hues with bright pops of color. This outfit easily translates from the blustery winter commute to  a heated workplace, giving you a sartorial edge while maintaining a professional air. The green trench coat and yellow necktie keep things festive without overdoing it, adding just enough color to offset the light brown trousers and chocolate brown double breasted jacket. A crisp white shirt gives these rich hues a place to stand-out against, while a pair of brown leather gloves will keep your hands warm or your coat pocket overtly  cool. 

November 21, 2014

Season of the Scarf Mark Down – $20


The Season of the Scarf is finally upon us! Scarves easily add color and pattern to winter ensembles, accenting dark winter garments with vibrant hues or more neutral tones that add cozy sophistication. For guys who like to layer up, silk scarves are a great option. They can be worn with or without a necktie and are a dapper option for dressing up shirt and coat collars.

Our scarves are made from 100% Italian silk and are light-weight enough to wear in the warmer months. We recommend keeping a few bold prints and toned down solids in your closet year-round.

To ring in the Season of the Scarf in fine fashion, we’ve reduced select scarves from $34.90 to $20.


This Vintage Print Designer Silk Scarf features a length of 64″ and width of 10″ so that you can tie it in an array of styles.


This Paisley Designer Scarf  features a beautiful shade of mustard yellow decorated with a swirling pattern of kidney bean shapes in deep navy yellow.


.This Horizon Blue scarf boast red and yellow floral accents, adding rich color and chic style to dark winter garments.

October 31, 2014

The Winter Flannel Collection – On Sale for $10!

Introducing our Handcrafted Winter Flannel Necktie Collection


We’re excited to introduce our new Winter Flannel Collection, artfully handcrafted and designed by Blackbird. What is it about flannel that makes us want to start up a batch of hot chocolate and play holiday music in October? Maybe it’s something about remembering those favorite flannel pajamas we wore every Christmas Eve, or the classic combination of colors in a soft woven fabric. Flannel prints are a great way to infuse dark winter pallets with bold pops of color and still maintain a warm, wintery aesthetic. Woven from sumptuously soft cotton and cut for a trendy narrow width, these ties are ideal for updating your arsenal of expertly-tailored neckwear. Do your holiday shopping early while they’re on sale for only $10!


The Flannel Skinny Tie with Scottish Plaid Pattern – 100% Cotton Flannel | Length: 58″, Width: 2.75″

WinterFannel1 (1)

Trendy Flannel Plaid Skinny Tie with Tartan Plaid 100% Cotton Flannel | Length: 58″, Width: 3.1″


Tartan Plaid Flannel Tie in Hunter Green 100% Cotton Flannel | Length: 58″, Width: 3.1″

October 15, 2014

Satisfy Your Need for Tweed

Brown Tweed Suit and Blue Patterned Tie

Satisfy your need for tweed by mixing up tweed patterns and colors that clash and compliment. With fall peaking its head out and winter not far behind, the tweed pea-coats, blazers, and caps are making their appearance after hiding in back closets during the sunny months.

Harrington twill,  Prince of Whales check, or classic houndstooth –  there’s no reason you can’t wear them all at once with our latest collection of skinny tweed ties by Blackbird!

tweed (1)

Tweed features a soft, open texture that was traditionally used by the upper and middle class in the Edwardian period for outdoor leisure activities, like hunting and golfing. Tweeds popularity has withstood the centuries, and today it’s association with Sherlock Holmes as portrayed on the hit television series by Benedict Cumberbatch, as well as hipsters’ vintage sensibilities and the annual Tweed Run in London have brought the classic fabric to a contemporary light. Check out these inventive ways men are wearing tweed.

Tweed Suit and Mens Accessories

Charcoal Tweed Suit and Wool Tie

October 11, 2014

Commuter Wear for the Workday Warrior


Ah, autumn. The wind whistles and falling leaves tap against your window as you snore in harmony with the melody of the new season – that is until your alarm clock goes off. Once you’re out of bed, you throw on yesterday’s suit and a crumpled necktie. An obstacle course of leaf mounds, pummeling wind, and pumpkin latte guzzling pedestrians await to make your work commute a harvest-time hell.

We here at Cheap Necktie’s San Francisco office know the struggle well. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of commuter friendly work wear to keep you looking fresh once you hit the office. What kind of commuter are you?

The Brave Biker 

bikerThese Levi’s Commuter Slim Fit Trousers in khaki are water resistant to keep you dry on rainy days and have reflective stripes on the cuffs for safety. A convenient back pocket strap holds your bike lock while allowing you to comfortably ride. The Giro Wind Shirt features a breathable waxed cotton that’s wind and water resistant to keep you safe from the elements. Add a trendy edge to your look by pairing it with a Blue and Charcoal Flannel Plaid Tie in a skinny width by Blackbird.

The Ride Share Rookie


These Chicken & Wafflecords by Betabrand feature a relaxed fit with a quirky chicken printed lining that makes a great conversation piece when awkward silence strikes on your morning carpool. Pair them with Betabrand’s Red Activewear Button-down Shirt and our Checkered Skinny Tie by Blackbird.

The Cross Country Commuter


Create a 1950’s inspired look for your train commute from the suburbs to the big city with this Short-Leave Pea Coat in fleece by Betabrand and a vintage fedora from Etsy. Add a contemporary spin with this winter Chambray Wool Skinny Tie in charcoal gray. Don’t forget to grab a newspaper and a pair of sophisticated spectacles for the long ride!

The Traffic Jammer

PicMonkey drive 1

When you’re under the weather and that half-hour bike ride through the snow is out of the question, drive to work in a grab-and-go black two-button blazer and a pair of Dresspants Sweatpants, from Betabrand. Made from super soft french terry cotton, these pants feel like pajamas but still look business appropriate.

Finish the look with a pair of easy-on black loafers and a Regimental Striped Tie in green. Substitute your morning coffee with a hot cup of chamomile tea.

October 3, 2014

Wedding Inspiration from Hollywood’s Favorite Ex-Bachelors

With George Clooney at the Venice Film Festival in August 2008.

This summer, Hollywood’s two favorite men finally put a ring on it. George Clooney, a notorious bachelor, married superwoman and human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin in an extravagant ceremony in Venice, Italy, while bff Brad Pitt married long-time partner Angelina Jolie in a small ceremony and inexpensive (by celebrity standards) celebration in France. Follow Clooney and Pitt’s lead for your wedding day inspiration, and follow ours to get their looks at a price normal people can afford.


Is that a pre-tied bow tie I spy? While we normally recommend wearing self-tie bow ties for black-tie affairs, Clooney’s too-perfect bow is a great match with that too-perfect signature smile. Wearing a black Giorgio Armani suit with a white shirt, black oxfords, and a black bow tie, his outfit reportedly cost somewhere around $6,000. And that’s not even counting the customized gold cuff links engraved with his name in Arabic that his new bride bought him for their special day.

As a former dashing bachelor yourself, we’ve put together some options for a Clooney inspired outfit at an affordable price. A two-button black tuxedo at $143.99, a pre-tied black bow tie for $9.90, and a pair of classic gold colored cufflinks at $14.90 will get you the look for only $168.79.


There was no new expensive tuxedo for Clooney’s friend and Ocean’s 11 co-star Brad Pitt on his wedding day. Well, there was an expensive suit, but Pitt decided to save a few grand by pulling a navy two-button Salvatore Ferragamo from his bulging red carpet wardrobe. The couple opted for a low-cost, high-reward celebration by hiring their five children as their wedding planners and using them as inspiration for their wedding garments.


While the media couldn’t get enough of Jolie’s wedding veil, which was embroidered with a collection of their kid’s drawings by family friend Luigi Massi of Versace, the Brangelina kids also played a hand in putting together their dad’s ensemble. Pitt forgot to pack a tie for the occasion, so his oldest son happily lent him one of his own.

Although the couple decided to keep their wardrobe costs low, Angelina did surprise her new husband with a 1952 Patek Philippe timepiece worth about 3 million dollars. We’ve put together a savvy groom’s look inspired by Pitt’s wedding day for the truly frugal shopper. With a navy two-button suit by Caravelli at $109.99, a Seiko yellow gold plated timepiece for $64.75, and a Puccini kid’s tie for $9.90, you can get the Hollywood look for just $184.64.


September 18, 2014

Faissal Yartaa Showcases Our Preppy Skinny Anchor Tie

Skinny Anchor Patterned Tie


Faissal Yartaa of All About Fashion shows us how he styles our ultra popular anchor tie. We love his  unconventional mix of patterns and fabrics to create a very global look.  Yartaa pairs this designer skinny tie with a chambray button down, patterned navy shorts and artisan socks from Sammy Icon. This on the go look is a perfect fusion of form, function and fashion!   Due to popular demand, we are currently sold out of our preppy skinny anchor tie but plan on having more in stock soon.  Check out more of Faissal Yartaa’s creative looks on his blog and Facebook.

Your Cheap Neckties Team

August 5, 2014

The Three Must Have Accessories For Summer Menswear Fashion

These Three Menswear Accessories Will Transform Your Style


Best 3 Summer Menswear Accessories 2014


White Pocket Square – $4.95

Narrow Tie Bar – $14.90

Skinny Summer Tie in Coral –  $10.00

Total – $29.85

Make your best investment of the Summer Season with these three quintessential menswear accessories:  the White Pocket Square,  the Skinny Summer Tie in Coral and the Narrow Tie Bar.  This combo comes in just under $30 and literally has the power to transform your look from drab to notably fab.  Pair this combination with a white dress shirt and midnight blue suit like shown above, or pair this combo with a tan suit and a light blue dress shirt. Your options are vast and endless with these versatile pieces; wear them all together or separately.

Your Cheap Neckties Team

January 30, 2014

Our Featured Color – Soft Green

Freshen Up You Menswear Look with Accents of Light Greens

Mint Green Accessories

Freshen up your sense of fashion by incorporating a range of sophisticated soft greens into your wardrobe. Soft Green is a newcomer in terms of color in menswear, but it is quickly becoming a staple accent color because of its handsome versatility. More and more designers are creating innovative fashion pieces in pastel greens from shirts, to suits, to sweaters, to neckties to bow ties. These specialty shades radiate charm, coolness and creativity.  Soft greens mix and mingle aesthetically well with navy blues, grays and tans.


Popular Mint Ties

Striped Tie in Pistachio  |   Patterned Tie in Clover   |  Diamond Tie in Light Green

Soft greens come in a multitude of names including Pistachio, Clover, Light Green and Mint Green.   Find a solid or patterned tie or bow tie in your favorite shade of soft green and start accessorizing! Light hues of green are phenomenal in all months and also make wonderful additions to casual and professional getups.

Your Cheap Neckties Team