September 18, 2014

Faissal Yartaa Showcases Our Preppy Skinny Anchor Tie

Skinny Anchor Patterned Tie


Faissal Yartaa of All About Fashion shows us how he styles our ultra popular anchor tie. We love his  unconventional mix of patterns and fabrics to create a very global look.  Yartaa pairs this designer skinny tie with a chambray button down, patterned navy shorts and artisan socks from Sammy Icon. This on the go look is a perfect fusion of form, function and fashion!   Due to popular demand, we are currently sold out of our preppy skinny anchor tie but plan on having more in stock soon.  Check out more of Faissal Yartaa’s creative looks on his blog and Facebook.

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August 5, 2014

The Three Must Have Accessories For Summer Menswear Fashion

These Three Menswear Accessories Will Transform Your Style


Best 3 Summer Menswear Accessories 2014


White Pocket Square – $4.95

Narrow Tie Bar – $14.90

Skinny Summer Tie in Coral –  $10.00

Total – $29.85

Make your best investment of the Summer Season with these three quintessential menswear accessories:  the White Pocket Square,  the Skinny Summer Tie in Coral and the Narrow Tie Bar.  This combo comes in just under $30 and literally has the power to transform your look from drab to notably fab.  Pair this combination with a white dress shirt and midnight blue suit like shown above, or pair this combo with a tan suit and a light blue dress shirt. Your options are vast and endless with these versatile pieces; wear them all together or separately.

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January 30, 2014

Our Featured Color – Soft Green

Freshen Up You Menswear Look with Accents of Light Greens

Mint Green Accessories

Freshen up your sense of fashion by incorporating a range of sophisticated soft greens into your wardrobe. Soft Green is a newcomer in terms of color in menswear, but it is quickly becoming a staple accent color because of its handsome versatility. More and more designers are creating innovative fashion pieces in pastel greens from shirts, to suits, to sweaters, to neckties to bow ties. These specialty shades radiate charm, coolness and creativity.  Soft greens mix and mingle aesthetically well with navy blues, grays and tans.


Popular Mint Ties

Striped Tie in Pistachio  |   Patterned Tie in Clover   |  Diamond Tie in Light Green

Soft greens come in a multitude of names including Pistachio, Clover, Light Green and Mint Green.   Find a solid or patterned tie or bow tie in your favorite shade of soft green and start accessorizing! Light hues of green are phenomenal in all months and also make wonderful additions to casual and professional getups.

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January 9, 2014

A High Style Look For Under $300

A Designer Look at a Fraction of the Cost

Achieve a high style look at a fraction of the cost with our guide to emulating popular looks. Each week we are scanning the hottest trends and looking for ways to make high fashion looks economically sensible.  The realization is, as much as we like a fitted blazer, we’re not going to pay thousands of dollars for it.

This week we broke down a street wear look that we’ve come across on multiple fashion blogs. It is a polished menswear look that is both very fashion forward and wearable.  You can have this entire look for under three hundred dollars.  Look fashionable in the red without going into the red!

Blazer from Asos – $119

Checkered Dress Shirt from JCP  - $21.99

Skull and Cross Bones Pin from Amazon – $3.95

Paisley Pocket Square – $14.95

Plaid Necktie Tie – $10.00

Silver Tie Clip – $14.95

Black Levi’s – $44.00


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June 11, 2013

Three Great Summer Styles Using Seersucker

Three Great Looking Summer Outfits Using Seersucker Suits

Seersucker is the ultimate summer fabric. This lightweight and very “breathable” weave was first made popular during the British Colonial period, especially in warm weather British India. Seersucker eventually made it across the big pond by the late 19th century – where it became a popular textile in the south. Initially it was considered a poor man’s clothing choice, but this eventually shifted, and by the 1920s it became a popular clothing piece even among the affluent. Today seersucker is a must have fabric for men who often attend summer/warm-weather dressy functions. To give the classic seersucker suit a “fresh” look, we picked out three of our favorites found on some of our favorite style blogs.

The Classic


Above is a perfect example of a classic seersucker suit combination. The classic blue and white colors are perfectly complemented with a solid blue necktie and matching blue pocket square. The brown belt complements the horn buttons, and the white dress shirt underlines the classic and timeless look. Image found on:

The Southern


Pairing seersucker with bow tie and straw hat is the epitome of the southern gentleman style. The man on the left chose a double breasted cut that nicely complements his body type. The suit on the left is a 3-piece style. The pink color is another great alternative to the classic light blue.

The Trendy


Seersucker can be worn for anyone’s style preference. For those appreciating a trendy/fashion-forward look, this example might just serve as inspiration to wear seersucker for the next summer wedding you are attending. The double breasted cut is nicely tailored to fit this slim body type. The tattersall check shirt adds contrast while the bright tangerine orange necktie adds a pop of color. The penny loafers (sans socks) are a nice choice – perfect for the warm summer day. Image found on:

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April 26, 2013

How to Rock a Tie Bar

Smarten Up Your Favorite Looks With Tie Bars


Photo Credit:

Tie Bars are very well one of the most under-utilized and under-respected accessories in the Menswear Fashion World.  The time has come to shed some light on these utilitarian super stars that instantly sharpen and smarten any menswear look.  The history of the tie bar is short and sweet;  they came about in the 1920′s to replace the tie pin.  The tie clip’s primary motive is to prevent ties from swinging and keep a look straight and tailored.  They work well with formal suits as well as casual get ups and they look great with all sizes of ties from XL ties, to standard ties, to skinny ties to kids ties.


Photo Credit:

Tie Bars look sensationally chic teamed up with solid hued skinny ties. The placement of tie bars is key to creating a dapper look. Tie bars should be placed at the sternum just below the chest muscles.  A skinny, modern tie clip pairs handsomely with a solid hued skinny charcoal grey skinny tie.


Photo Credit:

Tie Bars come in a variety of styles and metals. One thing to keep in mind is to always match your metals in a get up. You don’t want to mix a gold tie with a silver tie buckle for example.  Gold Tie Bars pair very handsomely with dark, warmed toned hues like golden browns and bright navy blues.  A gold tie bar would look smart teamed up with our Cascade Floral Squares Tie in Dark Blue.

Minimalistic_Tie_BarPhoto Credit:

The biggest misconception about tie bars is that they are all about function and not about fashion.  This is wildly untrue.  Tie Bars are a perfect way to incorporate some bling into your look. We love this casual look of a polka dot tie, a tie bar, a cardigan, chinos and sneakers.

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April 1, 2013

3 Must Have Light Blue Summer Ties

Three Stylish Neckties for Summer 2013 Along with Tips on How to Best Wear Them

Summer is just around the corner, and if you haven’t already updated your wardrobe, then these three light-blue ties will be the perfect addition to your summer business look.

Light Blue & White Polka Dot Tie


Perfect for any sunny day is this polka dot tie by Chevalier. What makes this tie stand out from the dozens of other polka dot ties we carry, is the combination of fabric texture with color. The light blue background features a fine herringbone ribb-texture. The small white polka dots are woven into the fabric, adding nice depth and more texture to the tie. We especially like pairing this piece with light gray suits, white shirts, and white pocket square.

The Light Blue Paisley Tie


A bit bolder and more attention-grabbing than polka dots, are paisleys. Every man needs to have at least one paisley tie in his collection, and for the spring/summer this year, the light blue paisley piece should be on top of your tie wish-list. It is a piece that pairs perfect with summer suits in light gray, beige, and cream. It can be worn for business as much as weekend weddings, wine tastings, or a dressy lunch. Our tip: Stick to larger scale paisleys and keep the colors in the light blue to white color range. In other words: Avoid color over-load. The large-scale paisleys will draw enough attention as is.

Preppy Striped Tie in White & Light Blue


Stripes are one of the most popular designs found on men’s neckties, and for the spring/summer 2013 the classic two-tone stripe in white and light blue is a must have. It is a perfect piece for any gray or navy suit. It also pairs exceptionally well with seersucker and linen – making it a perfect piece for summer weddings.

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October 18, 2012

Mens Fashion Trends 2013 – Top 5 Mens Style Trends in 2013

Trends to Bank on for 2013

The fashion trends of 2013 are beginning to make their debut and are gaining momentum with Design Houses. From what we can see, 2013 is going to be a year of modern fashion with organic twists. Metallics and earthtones will team up to create new and dynamic menswear combinations. Here is a comprehensive list of the top menswear trends for 2013.

Earthtones Earthtones
Earthtones are forecasted to be all the rage come 2013. These organic hues of grays, browns and greens should be mixed and matched to create a handsomely monochromatic aesthetic. You’re sure to see a surge of earth tone infused fashion.

Shorts_Cheap_Neckties Shorts
Shorts can be a polarizing garment with some thinking of shorts at the cats meow and others being repulsed by the idea of them. No matter your stance on shorts, prepare to see plenty of slim fit shorts in 2013. They are going to be making quite a splash in the fashion world in bright colors and fun patterns.

Olympic_FashionActive Wear
The world was consumed by the 2012 London Olympics and that consumption has spilled over into the fashion trends of 2012. Active Wear isn’t just for the gym and the coffee shops anymore. Design Houses are reinventing active wear to be highly fashionable.

Faded_Floral_Shirt Floral Prints
Reinvented Floral Prints are about to take the fashion world by storm. Designers are globally embracing the motif and are using it to design suits, blazers, shirts and accessories. One of the best looks of the year will be incorporating floral blazers into your style of dress.

2013 is going to be a year of glitz and glam so be prepped to incorporate some Metallics into your style of dress. From Burberry to Nike, designers are exploring the panache of metallics. This is definitely going to be the most brazen trend of 2013.

Embrace the Trend of Metallics for 2013

Bling Up 2013 with Metallics


There’s nothing more exciting for those who are fashion-forward than the transition into a new calendar year. Transitioning into a new year often means taking new trends and stylistic cues and incorporating them into your authentically you aesthetic. Metals (also called “metallics”) are looking to make a rather big debut in 2013, accounting for the year’s biggest and most omnipresent trend. Incorporating this trend into your look may be very well worth your while, and is worth working towards doing. Take the following aspects of this look into consideration, and don’t forget to think about how you might be able to properly embrace this trend yourself.

Metallic Blazers


Blazers in metallic hues are making a big surge into the fashion arena for their glitzy style and their overwhelming versatility. The shimmer and sheen of a metallic blazer can instantly enhance an ensemble taking it from drab to fab without crossing into the realm of the outlandishly ugly. Metallic blazers can be extremely effective, and can help to highlight practically any other piece that you decide to make a part of your outfit. The most important thing you can do when trying to incorporate a metallic look into your ensemble is to choose one piece and stick with it. You should avoid piecing together multiple metallic components. Stick with a signature piece and let it shine.

Contrast is Everything


One of the most important things one should think about when trying to incorporate metallic pieces into their ensemble is contrast. An ensemble that incorporates a variety of metallic pieces, for example, can easily look robotic and/ or gaudy, and should never be embraced. Who wants to look like an overdressed robot? As a result, one of the biggest parts of the metallic trend of 2013 is the need to embrace contrast by incorporating elements into the ensemble that are clean and stark. A stark black tee, for example, can look fantastic with a metallic blue suit.

Embracing the Trend

Metallic pieces are going to instantly infuse a modernistic feel into your style and into your individual garments. Rev up your 2013 look by investing in a few metallic pieces that you can mix and match with other components. Start small with pocket squares and sneakers and work your way up to a metallic blazer. A dynamite look on the runway included a patterned dress shirt, a cultivated metallic bronze blazer and dark denim jeans.

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Faded Floral Prints for Mens Fashion in 2013

Blossom into 2013 with Floral Prints


The fashion trends of 2013 are knocking on the proverbial door and we can’t help but take a peek at what’s in store for us in the new year. It looks like redesigned floral prints are getting a foothold into the noteworthy trends that we should expect to see come 2013. Faded floral prints have been seen on the Runway in Tokyo, Paris and Milan and are gaining momentum with smaller design houses. We aren’t talking about oversized Hawaiian shirts or Margaritaville button downs. These floral prints are aged and cultivated to look dynamically fashionable.

Suits Galore


The faded floral print is something that a lot of people might consider to be tacky, gimmicky and better suited for outdated living room furniture. With that being said, floral motifs are making a big and bold debut in Menswear Fashion for 2012. During Fashion Week in Milan, we saw faded floral prints making their way into suiting and ready-to-wear. Calvin Klein and Bottega Veneta both thoroughly embraced this look, with Veneta in particular taking things to an entirely new level by incorporating a floral shirt of high contrast with a monochromatic gray, floral patterned suit. Floral on floral is an aggressive move! Floral suits are a new sensation with an ultra modern vision for menswear.

Taking a Subtle Approach


As one might expect, floral prints give one the opportunity to take a rather not-so-subtle approach to putting together an ensemble. This being said, however, 2013 is all about incorporating floral prints into your look without making it seem as if you’re trying too hard. This doesn’t have to be difficult to do; a lot of these pieces only hint at the print, showing a mere outline rather than a full-on floral assault. Taking a subtle approach to floral prints can be done with the right pieces and can make you look highly fashionable without making you uncomfortable. For a softer approach to florals, use the print sparingly in your accent pieces like pocket squares, ties and socks.

Embracing the Trend

Embracing faded floral prints may seem difficult at face value, but it truly doesn’t have to be. The most important thing to keep in mind is that subtlety is the best medicine here; avoid floral prints that are too aggressive for you. Pick the perfect floral for you and depending on your comfort level, incorporate it in a big or small way into your 2013 ensembles. Floral shirts look phenomenal with tailored blazers and tailored blazers look great with floral pocket squares.

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