May 24, 2017

Get The Look: Trendy Blue + Brown

Mens Summer Style - Trendy Blue Jacket + Skinny Check Necktie

Blue and brown will always be a contender for one of the top menswear color pairings. The two iconic colors blend and complement each other in a way that others colors cannot. Often a fall time duo, this look features a light blue jacket which makes it spring and summer worthy! The necktie sports a brown, navy, and red plaid pattern with houndstooth design we can’t help but love! Show off your styling chops and shop the items below.

Blue Suit Jacket

Tie Bar in Matte Burgundy

Twill White Dress Shirt

Houndstooth Trendy Tweed Tie

Brown + White Floral Hanky

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April 28, 2017

Get The Look: The Power Of Purple

Menswear Classics - Navy Jacket + Small Dot Purple Necktie


It’s not everyday that you see a great purple tie! Often times, purple is worn in all the wrong ways and with all the wrong colors. This week’s look features a styling that we can get behind! The classic pairing of a navy blazer with tan chinos makes the bold purple tie not so domineering. The small dots bring a formality to the outfit that makes this appropriate option for work occasions or get togethers. Bring the look full circle with a classy mens wrist watch and cufflinks.

Navy Blazer

Classic White Dress Shirt

 Purple Silk Tie with Lavender Dots

Silver Cufflinks

Mens Tan Chinos

Woven Black Belt

Tissot Watch

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April 6, 2017

Menswear Color Of The Month: Greenery


Each month we will be featuring a Color of the Month! We are often inspired by trending colors and want to share our love for the complexity within each hue. We hope that by submerging into the the color wheel, our customers’ knowledge will expand as we feature distinct, noteworthy items. Let us know your color requests in the comments below!


Mens Neckties and Bow Ties in Greenery


The Pantone color, Greenery is taking weddings, home decor, and fashion by storm in 2017! This popular foliage color brings life into every space it occupies. Whether decorating a white-walled room or planning a rustic barn wedding, this tone is sure to bring its own essence and flavor. To further our leafy fascination, we decided to make this color our featured color for April. This color can be complemented by an array of bright floral colors, as it is most often found in nature alongside its blooming counterparts, we think they team up quite nicely. By pairing Greenery with a contrasting hunter or forest green, it truly shines! We’ve also seen it paired with gold in muted or shimmering sheen. Create an approachable color canvas with Greenery on which to present your masterpiece whether that be clothes, a living room, or wedding reception! Our stylist has chosen eight of our products that best represent the Greenery hue. Shop the items below!


  • Menswear Color Of The Month - Greenery Neckties + Bow Ties


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March 28, 2017

Spring Look Giveaway: Vote + Win to Cheap-Neckties!

Last Fall we held a voting contest for your favorite Autumn mens look! We’ve created four more combinations perfect for Spring time!




UPDATE: Congratulations to our $100 gift card winner, Laura!

Your votes have been cast! Here are your favorite looks:

1st Place: Combo #4 with 32.9%
2nd Place: Combo #1 with 31.6%
3rd Place: Combo #2 with 27.8%
4th Place: Combo #3 with 7.6%

Thank you to all who participated!


Like what you see? Shop the items below:

Combo 1:
Linen Tan Suit  |  Cotton Pink + Blue Tattersall Shirt  |  Navy Striped Tie  |  Blue + Pink Dot Hanky

Combo 2:
Green Linen Jacket  |  Green Striped Shirt  |  Light Grey Trousers  |  Skinny Striped Nectarine Tie 

Combo 3:
Blue Check Jacket  |  Light Blue Shirt  |  White Trousers  |  Pink Gingham Check Self Tied Bow Tie

Combo 4:
Blue Jacket  |  Light Blue + White Check Shirt  |  Bright Madras Plaid Tie  |  Red Border White Hanky



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March 15, 2017

Get The Look: Sleek Menswear In Black

Shop The Look - Men's Black Retro Design Necktie

Black Blazer

Multi Pattern Black and Silver Necktie

Black Pocket Square with Pin Dots

Utilize the dynamic contrast that black offers to its fullest potential! While this standard color may seem unimaginative and commonplace, never underestimate the power of going back to the basics. While we do recommend adding in some differentiation to the black, you don’t have to stray too far down the color wheel to make a compelling outfit. Our look this week features the classic color with a mix of silver and varying designs. The necktie is unique and adds quite an exclusive quality to the look with its modern dot and stripe pattern. The dot hanky brings it all together creating a unified presentation. Shop the items above!

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March 1, 2017

Get The Look: Golden Cream Knit Tie + Blue Check

Shop This Look: Golden Cream Knit Tie + Gingham Check Shirt


Spring colors, patterns, and materials are starting to bloom! That’s why we love this week’s featured Look! The mix of bright blues and beige makes our hearts go thumpedy-thump as we realize what is just around the corner. What first catches our eye is the gingham check shirt. Not only is this a great break away from solid dress shirts, the pairing of our beige knit skinny necktie makes the blue shirt and pants an eye-catching combination. With a look like this, we might usually see a navy or darker jacket, but the tan blazer puts this look into a definitive spring style. Shop the items below!

Camel Sports Coat

Blue + White Gingham Check Shirt

Blue Pants

Knitted Necktie In Golden Cream

Blue Paisley Pocket Square

Minimal Tan Leather Watch

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February 8, 2017

Menswear Color Of The Month: Primrose Yellow

Starting this month, we will be featuring a Color of the Month! We are often inspired by trending colors and want to share our love for the complexity within each hue. We hope that by submerging into the the color wheel, our customers’ knowledge will expand as we feature distinct, noteworthy items. Let us know your color requests in the comments below!



Color Of The Month - Primrose Yellow

  • Primrose Yellow Neckties For Men

Meet our first color, drum roll please…. Primrose Yellow! We were first introduced to Primrose while browsing hot, trending spring wedding colors from Chic Vintage Brides and instantly fell in love with the richness of this golden yellow. An optimal choice for spring and summer, this attractive color will draw out the happiness in your outfit and maybe, the cheerfulness in others! Show off your jubilant style when you pair this color with a gray, navy, or black suit with a white, gray, or blue dress shirt. See our best matching neckties and bow ties above!


For more yellow inspired fashion, follow our Pinterest board!

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January 25, 2017

2017 Most Popular Wedding Colors – Affordable Neckties

Spring & Summer Wedding Neckties

With the beginning of the new year, we’re ready to get grooms looking in their best for 2017. Whether your wedding is vintage, rustic, garden, boho chic, traditional, or barn themed, we have the most affordable neckties and bow ties for your big day! Spring and Summer weddings are fast approaching so we’ve created a list of our most popular wedding ties in 5 trending colors: blush, mint, french blue, lavender + wisteria, and cream + champagne.



Wedding Neckties in Lavender & Wisteria

Skinny Pin Dot Tie in Lilac                                               Men’s Solid Tie in Wisteria
Men’s Necktie in Light Lavender                                      French Lavender Striped Tie

When we see lavender and wisteria, we think of a dreamy pastel wedding. Worn in tandem with light pink and green, it becomes a floral celebration. Adorn your venue with greenery, pink roses and lilacs. Sip on blush toned bubbly while snacking purple macaroons. Enhance the aesthetic with a groom in a gray suit and sing an ode to lavender in the form of a marvelous bouquet.


Spring and Summer Neckties in Cream & Champagne

 Solid Necktie in Champagne                               Formal Wedding Paisley Necktie
 Striped Tie in Soft Gold + Cream                                  Solid Tie in Cream

The beauty of creams + champagnes is that the colors offer extreme versatility. For spring and summer weddings, these colors can be found commonly paired to pinks, greens, navy, or with an array of neutrals. Going for an earthy rustic feel? Team up cream with other off-white tones along with greens and light tans. How about vintage? Converge the worlds of gray-blue, faded jade, gold, and champagne.


Spring & Summer Neckties in Blush

 Solid Blush Colored Necktie                                      Skinny Pin Dot Tie in Blush Pink
Blush Pink Striped Necktie                                        Solid Pale Peach Pink Necktie

Blush, oh blush – where to begin? A tyrant of a color, dominating weddings across the globe throughout the past few wedding seasons. There are many different emotions blush has to offer. A day of tranquility and peace breathes shades of blush and shades of blue. Keep it simple and minimal. A festival of colors exudes blush, hot pink, orange, purple, and jade. Go crazy and make your big day pop with bright beauty. Which road will you choose?


Spring & Summer Wedding Neckties in Mint

Solid Silk Tie in Mint Green                                        Silver and Mint Paisley Wedding Tie
Aqua and Silver Patchwork Necktie                                       Narrow Pin Dot Tie in Mint

Mint isn’t only for beach, getaway, and destination weddings. This popular wedding color can easily be worked into a spring or summer wedding without being kitschy. Here are our two favorite mint pairings. Rather than going overboard with the coral and bright mint, we like to see more muted options in mint, blush, pink, and gold that turn an outside reception into an enchanted garden. Our second choice teams up glam gold with mint and a hue of grays.


Spring & Summer Wedding Neckties in Steel Blue

Solid Steel Blue Necktie                                    Skinny Floral Tie in Country Blue
Men’s Sky Blue Striped Tie                                    Periwinkle Blue Solid Necktie

Last but certainly not least, and quite possible the most glamorous pick for 2017, steel blue. A tantalizing blue with hues of gray, we like to see this color romanced all the way up with gold and cream. Can anyone say, “Hello, Gatsby”? A vintage aesthetic that will place your guests in an ethereal presence with gold trimmed place settings and greenery galore.


Follow our Spring Wedding and Summer Wedding Pinterest boards for more inspiration and ideas!

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January 18, 2017

Valentine’s Day Style: Pink + Red Neckties

Texturized Tie in Carnation Pink

With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, we’re here to offer our styling opinion for your date on February 14! Don’t wait until the last minute to finalize your dashing ensemble. We’ve simplified the process for you by narrowing down our favorite red and pink neckties. Each item pairs exquisitely with a navy suit, black jacket or a more casual grey cardigan. Show off your good looks for a first time sweetheart or surprise your usual date with a style upgrade.

Texturized Tie in Carnation Pink (shown above)

Modern Black Tie With Stripes In Pink

Modern Black Necktie With Stripes in Pink

Grenadine Tie in Rose Pink

Grenadine Tie in Rose Pink

Bright Red Necktie with Gingham Checks

Bright Red Necktie with Gingham Checks

Flower Design Tie in Bright Red

Flower Design Tie In Bright Red

Knitted Silk Tie in Cherry Red

Knitted Silk Tie in Cherry Red

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January 11, 2017

5 Tips To Own Your Style – 2017 Men’s Resolutions

5 Ways To Improve Your Style in 2017

We at Cheap-Neckties believe in the power of goals! We’re here to help guide you as you plan out your style for 2017. Here are 5 ways to help narrow down your fashion vision for the year while still taking steps forward. Cheers to what’s ahead!


1. Purge + Simplify

More than ever consumers are feeling the kickback of purchasing in excess. Closets are full but the desired style is still lacking. Take the time to go through your closet this January and throw out items you haven’t worn in months. Don’t hold onto basic items you wear once a year. Declutter your crowded closet (and mind) by minimizing your options. 

2. Invest

Having a tailor or investing in a tailored suit hasn’t been a priority for recent generations. Not until you have your first tailored suit will you appreciate the difference. Take the time this year to source out the best tailor in your area and pay the pretty penny for the best suit of your life. Follow this up by staying in shape to keep up your size – but that’s a different resolution.

3. Find Your Lane 

Part of growing your style is beginning to pinpoint your fashion strengths and weaknesses and what looks best on your body type. Identify the pieces you wear well and make you feel confident. Dive further into those specific areas so your personal style and brand becomes apparent to others. Avoid jumping from trend to trend.

4. Accessorize

We’re all for accessories. The trick is to know what, and how much. You never want to over accessorize but should feel free to include pieces that will individualize your style. Make sure to have the menswear basics – neckties and pocket squares. If this is already your norm, try adding a tie bar or lapel pin. These items can easily take a look to the next level without breaking the bank and doing a full 180 on a wardrobe.

5. Take Time For One New Trend

As the seasons change, new trends come and go. The classics in men’s fashion will always be in style, but this year take the time to try out one new trend instead of every shift that comes your way. Be grounded in your personal style but don’t be afraid to infuse other influences once in awhile.


Tell us what your fashion goals are for 2017 in the comments below!


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