November 24, 2015

Pairing Ties With Denim Jackets



Textured Tie + Denim Jacket

Dark Navy Tie + Denim Jacket

Gray Tie + Denim Jacket

Denim Reinvented

Have the best of both worlds by pairing neckties with your denim jackets to create knock out menswear looks that outsmart all the Dress Code rules. These three looks above prove that opposites attract. Follow their lead and starting mixing a  few of your professional accessories with a few of your favorite casual pieces. When accessorizing denim jackets, remember to stick with skinny ties, preferably with texture! And if you can, always opt for a statement tie bar. We recommend sticking to navy blue ties and gray ties. We can’t wait to see the menswear ensembles you create with ties and denim jackets.

November 18, 2015

What To Pack For Thanksgiving

Men's Guide To What To Pack For The Holidays

White Shirt 

Wool Bow Tie

Wool Blazer

White Pocket Square


Overnight Bag






Chukka Boot

Thanksgiving is a week away and most of us are plotting our travel strategies. Keep it simple this season and pack light without giving up your aesthetic ideals. Be sure to pack some key essentials to go with your warm weather basics. We recommend a patterned wool bow tie (they don’t wrinkle and they take up no space) and a white pocket square.  To keep your packing at a minimum, stick to a cohesive color palette so that every item you include can be rotated in and out without clashing.

Happy Holidays and Safe Travels!

The Cheap-Neckties Team

November 11, 2015

Our Striped Knit Ties in Action


How’s It Done: Our Striped Knit Ties

Master the art of styling and accessorizing a striped knit tie with these spot on menswear looks that show case the versatility of the slim, striped knit tie. These in vogue accessories are an absolute must for men who value a put together casual look that is modern and masculine. Shop these ties by clicking on the photos.

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October 20, 2015

Autumn Menswear Essentials

Men's It Pieces For Fall

V-Neck Sweater

Herringbone Wool Blazer

Selvedge Denim Jeans

Paisley Pocket Square in Tangerine + Reds

Charcoal + White Check Shirt

Silver Knit Tie

Lace Up Boots

Vintage Silk Scarf 

Patterned Socks

Fall’s Fashion Finds

Attack Fall Fashion in style with these Fall Fashion Finds!  These handsome pieces are synonymous with this season’s autumn aesthetic. They are versatile, masculine and exceptionally handsome. Look on point with any of these pieces layered with more of your favorite pieces.

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October 9, 2015

The Best Ties For Autumn


Autumn Designs On Their A-Game

Are you obsessing over Fall Fashion as much as we are?  Think of the layers, rich earth tone color palettes, textured wools and more layers. We’ve been plotting the best Fall Finds and here are our very top picks for neckties. These five superstar designs will have you looking your Autumn Best for any and all occasions. This season, accessorize with key pieces in earth-tones shades of browns, greens and grays. Stick to handsome menswear patterns like glen checks, stripes and polka dots. And definitely, invest in some wool ties!  Enjoy.

August 25, 2015

Get The Look: Autumn Style

Autumn Accessories for Men 2015


Gingham Shirt

Knit Tie

White Tie Bar

Paisley Pocket Square



Fall into Autumn Fashion with this on point Menswear Look in a palette of masculine grays, blacks and vibrant greens. The key to dynamite seasonal fashion is always in the accessories and colors. This Fall, stick to stark charcoals and dark blues with pops of gem colors. This deep shade of green should be your go to menswear color! Incorporate it into your basics any chance you can from bow ties to neckties to scarves to socks! Check out more of our green hued accessories for more ideas.

July 20, 2015

Get The Look – Pin Dot Tie, Suit + Beard

Navy Blue Suit and Pin Dot Tie

Blue Suit

Dress Shirt

Pin Dot Tie

Beard Oil

Look sharp + manly with this Week’s featured Get The Look that pairs a summer suit with a mint green dress shirt, a pin dot tie and beard oil. The paramount rules of menswear are fit + grooming. If you have a beard, make sure you trim it and oil it so that it looks meticulous -and not messy. Shake things up with opting for an unexpected dress shirt color like this mint and accessorize it with a staple accessory like this handsome pin dot tie in navy!  This knockout look is perfect for the professional world.

July 14, 2015

Get The Look: Golf Style Perfected


White Shirt 

Sweater Vest

Bow Tie

Glen Check Pants

Golf Shoes

Driving Cap

Whether or not your golf game is perfect, your style can be! Our Look of The Week takes the heritage aesthetic of golf and makes it all yours with savvy menswear pieces in masculine colors and  great fabrics and patterns. Shop this look and we guarantee, you’ll be the best dressed golfer on the course.  We recommend opting for a neutral color palette of browns, tans and navys and encourage mixing patterns and fabrics!

June 30, 2015

Get The Look – Weekend Prep

Regimental Tie + Chinos

Gingham Shirt



Regimental Tie in Red


Master the look of Weekend Prep with our Featured Look of the Week that pairs a navy gingham shirt with a regimental striped tie, anchor belt, stone hued cotton chinos and a gray sweater. This handsome look epitomizes everything everyone loves about the preppy aesthetic. It is polished, clean and classic!  No matter your weekend plans, shop this look if you love this prep style.

May 12, 2015

Summer’s Best Striped Ties

Best Summer Striped Neckties

Neon Yellow Striped Tie  |  Striped Tie in Tangerine  |  Blue + Orange Necktie

Summer Linen Tie  |  Designer Green Striped Tie  |  Blue + White Striped Tie 

Striped Orange Necktie   |  Striped Blue Tie  |  Modern Striped Tie

Green + Blue Striped Tie  |   Regimental Yellow Tie  |  Regimental Crested Skinny Tie

Accessorize your way straight to the sharpest Summer Style you have ever had with this curated collection of the Best Summer Striped Neckties to own in 2015. These colorful striped ties in trending shades of greens, oranges, blues and yellows are guaranteed to make you look dynamically handsome with a cool twist of seasonal fun. Shop the collection by clicking the links above. All of these ties will look brilliantly chic paired with cotton and linen suits and / or blazers.